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Copy of How I Met Myself - David A. Hill

No description

Krisya Yamini

on 6 May 2015

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Transcript of Copy of How I Met Myself - David A. Hill

The novel revolves around
John Taylor
who is a
British expatriate
working in
as a
computer programmer.
He is married to
, a hungarian language teacher and has a daughter named
. His problem starts on the
evening of 18 January
- He is
knocked down
in the streets by a man who is
his double
. This incident bothers him so much that he has recurring dreams about his meeting with that man. Eventually he finds out that the man is his doppelganger - a ghostly double who comes to give a warning or offer advice ( It is actually a german myth ) This realization marks the beginning of his quest to find out the truth. who is that man? Is he really John's doppelganger? What is his doppelganger trying to tell him? Or is John going mad ?
Chapter 1 : A Strange Meeting
John Taylor is walking home from his office as usual. Suddenly, In a very dark part of one street in the Thirteenth District of Budapest, John hears the loud sound of a door shutting from inside a building and a person running. The street door opens abruptly and a man runs into him. John falls down and shouts at the man. The man apologizes in Hungarian and then quickly walks away . John finds it strange as the man looks exactly like him.

Chapter 2 : Getting To Know Me
John Taylor is a 34-year-old Englishman who is presently working in Budapest as a computer programmer. He learns to speak Hungarian from a pretty teacher named Andrea whom he falls in love with and later marries. They live in the Thirteenth District on the Pest side of Budapest.
Chapter 4 : Felka Utca
The next day after work. John goes back to the same place where the strange encounter occurred. The door is number 7 Felka Utca . However, John waits in vain and is unable to gather any information. John then walks along Felka utca and goes into the bar of the previous night in Gergely utca. The barman says that he does not see anyone who looks like John .That night , he has a strange dream about the man and that frightens him.
Chapter 5 : I Tell Andrea
John lingers outside number 7 Felka Utca and hangs out in the bar everyday for a week without explaining things to Andrea. That friday when John gets home , he finds Andrea in tears because she cannot understand what is happening , so he finally tells her everything.
Chapter 3: A Search
John Taylor wonders where the man who looks like him has gone. John runs after him and sees him entering the doorway of a wine cellar. Upon reaching the door, John is confused when he does not see any of the man's footprints in the snow. He decides to go into the wine cellar to look for the man. John asks the barman whether he has seen anyone entering the cellar but there is no such a person. When he gets home, he lies to Andrea about what he has been doing.

Chapter 6: Talking To The Housekeepers
The next day, they go to number 7 Felka utca. They question two housekeepers regarding the man. But the housekeepers claim that they have never seen such a person.
Chapter 7: Doppelganger
John's recurring dreams seem to have stopped and he does not go to the bar as often. Soon, John and Andrea receive good news that Andrea is pregnant. The next day however, Andrea loses her biggest teaching job with an international bank . Zsolt, the owner of the wine cellar bar offers her a job to give the place a woman's touch.
Chapter 8 : A Holiday
In August, Andrea stops working for Zsolt to prepare for her delivery. On 16 september , a baby girl named Kati is born. Then, John and his family travel to England to celebrate Christmas. John's old friend , Paul Harris believes in John's story about the doppelganger but warns him to be careful. At the end of December, John and his family fly back to Hungary to celebrate their New Year holidays there. John starts thinking about his doppelganger again and Andrea gets angry when John is distracted and starts to neglect his family.
Chapter 9: The Date Gets Closer Again
On 11 January, John wakes up in the morning feeling afraid. He has had the dream again. He checks his diary and realizes that the strange meeting had happened on 18 January the year before. He decides to go to Felka utca on that same date. Andrea is very upset that John is still obsessed with the doppelganger
Chapter 10: 18 January
On 18 January, John and Andrea stand opposite number 7 Felka utca. He decides to stand outside the door while she stands on the other side of the street. At ten to seven, John suddenly hears a noise and the sound of someone running. The door opens and a man runs into John and knocks him down. John is stunned because the man looks exactly like him. John shouts for Andrea to follow the man whom he sees running up to the end of the street and entering the bar. John rushes to the bar only to find the door locked. Andrea says she did not see anyone or hear anything .
Chapter 11: A Little Bit Of History
He searches for information on everything that has happened in Budapest's Thirteenth District on every 18 January of the past years at the Budapest City Library. On Saturday, he tells Andrea that he needs to go for a meeting at work but he goes to the library instead. He comes across a newspaper clipping in Hungarian with the heading 'Young Mother and Child Killed as Fighting Ends in Pest. A Russian bomb that hit a Gergely utca building, it destroyed the cellar, killing Mrs. Szabo and her daughter on 18 January 1945.
Chapter 12: Looking For The Truth
At number 7 Felka utca, John finds out that the Szabo family living on the third floor is not the Szabo he is looking for. However, Mrs. Fischer on the fourth floor tells John about Janos Szabo, who lived there during World War ll. Janos was distraught and lost all hope when his wife and daughter were killed. He finally died fighting in the streets in the 1956 Revolution.
Chapter 13: Problems At Home
When Andrea gets home that night, John tells her about Janos Szabo but she is too upset to listen and is not convinced. Meanwhile, John believes that 18 January 1945 is a significant date and that the doppelganger is trying to tell him something.
Chapter 14: Another Year Goes By
The year passes quickly. The strained relationship takes a turn for the better in August when they take Kati for a second visit to England. John goes back to work on 6 January and then he suddenly realizes that 18 January is around the corner. John desperately wants to talk to Andrea about the date but he does not want to ruin the happiness that they have now.
Chapter 15: Discover Some More Facts
The next day, John discovers that he and his doppelganger shares the same name and birth date which is 23 October. Mrs. Fischer reveals to John that Janos's wife and daughter were also named Andrea and Kati respectively.
Chapter 16: It All Happens Again
On Saturday 18 January he has to go to work at the office. When he reaches home , he finds Andrea's note on the table, informing him that she is replacing Zsolt at the bar. She is taking Kati along as Petra is not available. John panics and runs to the bar. On reaching number 7 Felka utca, he hears a very loud explosion in Gergely utca. John runs straight into someone and knocks him down. He looks down and sees himself lying on the ground. John apologizes in Hungarian and continues running to Gergely utca.
Chapter 17: We Must Get Them Out!
When John arrives at Gergely utca, He needs to get to Zsolt's bar as he knows that Andrea and Kati are trapped there. John collapses and is given first aid treatment. He keeps insisting that his wife and daughter are inside the bar and need to be rescued. He realizes that no one could have survived the explosion and blames himself for not telling Andrea about what he had seen in his dreams and discovered through Mrs. Fischer. John feels that he has destroyed his family and his life
Chapter 18 : Unexpected Help
As John walks slowly along Gergely utca, he suddenly bumps into a man who looks like him. It is his doppelganger again. The man points to a woman and child at the end of the street. John is suprised to see that they are Andrea and Kati. Andrea explains that after Zsolt left, she saw John standing and blocking her way into the bar. At first she did not understand what was happening, but when Kati insisted that the man is not her 'Daddy', she realised that he must be the doppelganger.
How I Met Myself -
David A. Hill

Krisya Yamini
Full transcript