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J, Burke- Ralph- Period 6

No description

Neil Sullivan

on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of J, Burke- Ralph- Period 6

Jenny Burke
" The boy with the fair hair"
- Chapter 1
- Ralph is described in chapter 1 as a fair haired boy holding his school sweater with hair plastered to his forehead
Most Important Action
" He held the conch before his face"
-Chapter 1

- This is when Ralph blows the conch shell , which brings all of the other boys to the beach

Second Most Important Action
"Let him be chief with the trumpet-thing"
- Chapter 1

- Ralph gets voted chief by the other boys
Third Most Important Action
"And sooner or later the ship will put in here"
- Chapter 2

- Ralph is telling the other boys that they will be rescued, maybe even by his father who is in the Navy, which causes the boys to respect him
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