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Mendel's Laws of Inheritance

No description

Aya G

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Mendel's Laws of Inheritance

EAP Presentation Mendel's Laws of Inheritance An Outline Gregor Mendel Genetic Terms Law of Dominance Law of Segregation Law of Independent Assortment Bibliography Gregor Mendel. Father of modern genetics Heredity:
Passing of characteristics from parents to offspring. States that allele pairs separate or segregate during gamete (sex cells) formation. One form of a hereditary trait dominates or prevents the expression of the recessive trait. States that allele pairs separate independently during the formation of gametes. This means that traits are transmitted to offspring independently of one another. •http://biology.about.com/od/geneticsglossary/g/law_of_segregation.htm
•http://prezi.com/eyijslybnqmg/copy-of-mendel laws/?utm_source=website&utm_medium=prezi_landing_related_solr&utm_campaign=prezi_landing_related_owner. By: Aya Elghajiji Born in Austria in 1822 Genetic Terms. His Laws.
Law of Segregation.
Law of Dominance.
Law of Independent Assortment. Traits:
Inherited characteristics. Genetics:
The study of heredity. He studied pea plants in his monastery's garden. Genes:
Factors controlling each trait. Alleles:
Different forms of a gene.
For example, tall and short. Studied physics, chemistry and mathematics at the University of Vienna. Against his father's wishes, he decided to be a monk. Heinzendorf, Austria He was a secondary school teacher. Phenotype:
What you can see. Tt t T Parent Cell Gametes Genotype:
The traits included in the genes. Before Mendel: The blending of parental contributions. Unpredictable Before Mendel. Law of Segregation Law of Dominance Law of Independent Assortment The Importance of His Work The foundation of genetics.
The discovery of the DNA.
The emergence of genetic engineering and cloning.
Stem cell research. The Importance of his Work
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