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Colonial Family History WebQuest Answer key

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Elizabeth Hail

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of Colonial Family History WebQuest Answer key

1- Why would people want to leave their homes to come to the Thirteen Colonies?
A-Some people had a small area of farming land in Europe and expected to get bigger farms in America. Others didn't like the wars and rebellions that went on in Europe, they wanted a quiet life. Another group thought it was easy to make money and get rich quickly in America. Farmers in the south saw a chance to earn a lot by growing and selling tobacco,
but most people came for religious reasons. They wanted religious freedom.

2- How did the geography and climates impact the way the colonists lived in the Southern Colonies?
A- Since the climate was warm land the land was flat and rich, many people lived as farmers. The area was ideal for having plantations and slaves, so that is what many people did.

3- Why did people come to the Middle colonies?
A- They wanted freedom of religion or they wanted to make more money.

4- How did natural resources and climate impact the New England colonies' economy?
A- Natural resources, such as whales and fish, imacted the economy positively. Whale oil was a valuable resource and as a cause of the whaling and fishing business, the ship industry grew. Climate, however, didn't give many positive things to the economy. The climate gave them short growing season, so farmers had to work very hard in that little time to raise enough crops and livestock to make a living.

5- What are some examples of politics in the Southern colonies?
A- There was the house of Burgesses in Virginia, The Tolerant Act in Maryland, and the majority rule in Georgia made slavery legal, just to name a few.

6- How did people modify the environment in the New England colonies (based on the website)?
A- People grew crops that hadn't been there before, cultivated the land, introduced some new animals, built homes, chopped down trees, and built fisheries.

7- What are some of the economic characteristics of the Middle colonies?
A-They were a part agriculture, part industry area. They grew wheat and other grains on farms while some places produced iron, paper, or textiles. They also traded with England a lot.

8- What are some the geographicall characteristics of the Middle colonies?
A- They had fertile soil, sunlight and rain, wide rivers, and lots of wildlife.

9- How did the colonists interact with the Natives?
A-Relations between settlers and Native Americans, who were called Indians, were an uneasy mix of cooperation and conflict. Certain areas saw trade and some social interaction, but in general, as the new settlements expanded, the Indians were forced to move, often after being defeated in battle.

10- How did the majority of people in the Australian colonies live?
A-The largest group of people were the convicts. They had the roughest life. The men usually built buildings, bridges, roads, and cultivated crops. The women often did laundry, sewed, or wove wool. They were also often given meager rations and punished cruelly. They were free after their sentence was complete, though.

Colonial Family History WebQuest Answer Key
Elizabeth Hail pd 3 U.S History
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