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Migration by : Aracely Montesinos

No description

John Miller

on 19 February 2016

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Transcript of Migration by : Aracely Montesinos

Biography by : Aracely Montesinos

It was the year 2031 and the taxes were getting to high in California so I decided to move to Alabama. I was 25 years old. I was scared what I would see in my way to Alabama. I was going to be happy to move but I would leave with sadness because I grow up here.I decided to move to Alabama because family is there.
I got to Alabama by private plane.First I took my car to the airport and then I took the private plane to Alabama.When I got to Alabama my friend was waiting for me and she said that she will get my car from California to Alabama.It took like 4 hours to get to Alabama.

How I got to Alabama
I went to Alabama for 2 reasons.I went to Alabama because I had lots of taxes to pay and then all of the taxes wear getting to high.Another reason is that in in the year 2026 there was a war and California is still ruined.I moved in Alabama near the Alabama river where some of my family is and my parents went too.

Why And Where I Went to in Alabama
When I got to Alabama my friend was waiting for me at the airport.then I went to my aunts house ad it has a pool a and went the pool to have fun. Then I went t eat at a resteraunt with my family.Then I went home to sleep
What did I do When I got to Alabama

Why did I migrate to Alabama

From California to Alabama
Challenges I faced in Alabama
The challenges I faced is get to Alabama and leaving California.Athother hardships I faced is that I had to leave part of my family back in California.Another hardship is to leave my car in California with nobody taking care of it.It is hard for me to leave stuff I like in California.Another hardships I took is eating what is here in Alabama or taking with other people.
How I Change My Community
I change my community by teaching the spanish some english for they could get friends.Then I went to make a club for people that need help.After that I made I donaiton for sick people.After thta all the people at tmy communite liked how i changed
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