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Air and Water

No description

Air Water

on 13 October 2015

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Transcript of Air and Water

Fresh air and drinkable water are necessities. How many people in the village out of 100 have clean air and nerby scource of water?

Clean necessities
In most of the village the air is healthy and the water is clean.But not all the villagers are so fortunate.For some the air and the water are soured by polution,putting them at risk for diseases.

In all of the village, most people have sanatation. But some, 38 precisley, do not.
they are at risk for desies like parasite infections, cholera,
dysentery, and

68 people breathe clean air, while 32 breathe air that is unhealthy.
Global problem
Air and Water
Healthy and Unhealthy water
if the earth was a village of 100
Air and Water
87 people have access to clean healthy water. While only 13 don't. These people risk dying and/or sickness.
the greenhouse effect
when the green house gasses get to be too much,it causes the greenhouse effect
Sanitation video
All over the world people are hungry, starving, and
without adequate resources. Although in our world
village, there is only 13 without without sanitation
in our village 2.4 billion people are without it in the
world. 13 dont have water in the world village but
663 million people in the world don't. 32 dont breathe clean air and in the world 2 million die of air pollution each year.
Water Graph
Bye thanks for watching! I hope you enjoyed our presentation!
People without Sanatation
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