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Vocabulary List 7

No description

jessie adamczyk

on 16 November 2015

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Transcript of Vocabulary List 7

Vocabulary List 7
Euphemism (noun)

A word or phrase used in place of something negative.
Exacerbate, verb.

To make a bad situation worse.

When the fight was already out of control, the girls exacerbated the situation by egging on the larger student.
Exigency, noun.

Need, requirement, neccessity.

Extrapolation, noun.

To make an assumption based on facts.

The professor read the data in order to reach an extrapolation about the nature of the tumor.
Facetious, adjective

To make an innappropriate joke, to mock a serious issue, to be saracastic
Facilitate, verb.
Fallacious, adjective.

Based on false pretenses
Fatuous, adjective.

Foolish, stupid, pointless.
Fawning (adjective or verb)

Felicitous, adj.
Fervor, noun.
Fledgling (noun)
Flout (verb)
Frugality (noun)
Futile (adjective)
Gainsay verb.

To disagree with.
Garrulous (adjective)

talking way too much.
Goad (noun or verb)
Gouge (verb)
Grandiloquent (adjective)
Example: "Lady of the Night" is a euphemism for prositute.
Captain America answers the exigency of his country during a time of war.
The high school student was being facetious when they said the student who passed away was worthless, but it was still inappropriate.
To make easier, to help run, to allow
The old headmistresses did not want to facilitate the transition to the new headmistresses because she wanted his job to be hard.
It is fallacious to believe that taking out $100,000 in student loans won't catch up with you.
During the discussion about the rights of humanity, Bernard made the fatuous comment that the only rights that mattered were those of Americans.
to show excess attention or appreciation.
The fawning fans would not let up on their praise.


The teacher spent too much time fawning over one student.
Particularly suited for a situation.
The undereducated boy was nevertheless amazing at baseball; it was felicitous that he was chosen for the team.
intent or passionate feeling.
When it comes to football, many fans watch the game with great fervor.
1. a beginner at something (like a bird who is just starting to fly)
When it comes to argumtative writing, most of you are still at the fledgling level.
To break a rule or law without shame.

Some drivers love to flout driving rules by speeding in front of cops.
the act of being really tight with money.
My grandmother completes every action with utmost frugality. As a survivor of the Great Depression, she never likes to chance losing money.
pointless, serving no purpose
Many villians say, "Any attempt to escape will be futile,"
The cop repeatedly tried to gainsay me by saying that he saw me commit a crime I didn't commit.
The garrulous youth would not stop talking.
Someone that urges someone else on


to urge someone on.
The goad loved goading people on during a fight.
To twist out, tear out, scoop out.
The wrestler gouged his opponents eyes out.
noun. colorful, festive, beautiful,
The hall designer fancied up the room in a grandioloquent way to make sure that the room was ready for the wedding next week.
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