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Napoleon Bonaparte

Matthew Suarez

matthew suarez

on 11 September 2012

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Transcript of Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte : Great Leader or Cruel Dictator From the lowest rank, to the General of Europe, Napoleon Bonaparte didn't start out as a powerful Dictator he slowly made his way up to power. By the age of 34 Napoleon Bonaparte was the youngest man to ever be General/Dictator of all of France. Young and Powerful : Making his way up to power: The way of persuasion: Napoleon Bonaparte knew/understood the
way of persuading people's minds, that is
what made him a powerful but cruel leader Napoleon Bonaparte was a very ignorant man, If he did not get his way he would kill anyone who got in the way of what he wanted. His way or no way! : As a General some of his tactics were considered to be a little unorthodox, he would dress his hostages up like chickens and send them back to their general. An Unorthodox General : Napoleon was a very fearful general, even his soldiers feared him, if any of the soldiers disagreed with him he would kill him in front of all the other men. Striking fear into his soldiers : Napoleon Bonaparte was fearless of and on the battlefield, Bonaparte had the essentials to be a great leader, Instead he chose a dark path, Napoleon was very fearless, he feared no one, He was a great leader but an evil Dictator. A fearless leader :
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