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Bonnie & Clyde

No description

Nijah Curtis

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of Bonnie & Clyde

Who Was Bonnie?
Who Was Clyde?
So.. How did they meet?
How Did They Die?
The Rampage Begins
Thus Began Bonnie & Clyde
-Bonnie Elizabeth Parker
-Born October 1, 1910
-Bonnie was one of the best students in her high school, winning top prizes in spelling, writing, and public speaking.
-As a sophomore in high school she dropped out met and married Roy Thorton on September 25,1926 a few days after her 16th birthday.
-Seperated quickly because of Thorton's frequent absences and run ins with the law in January 1929.
-Never offically divorced and when Bonnie was still wearing her wedding ring when she died.
-Bonnie died May 23, 1934.
Bonnie and Clyde murdered and robbed their way across six states. Then the police planned an ambush that would end in their death in 1934.
-Clyde Chestnut Barrow, Born March 24, 1909, born into a poor family in Texas.
-First Arrested in 1926 over an unreturned rental car.
-Second Arrest was for stealing turkeys with his brother.
-First murder occured while he was in jail as he killed another inmate whom he said sexually assaulted him.
-Jail did nothing for him mentality. He remained the same person he was before going.
-Died May 23,1934

The two met at a mutual friends house located at 105 Herbert Street on January 5,1930. Many say Bonnie was out of work and living and assisting a friend with a broken arm in West Dallas (where Clyde lived) and at the time Clyde stopped passed the mutual friends home and there Bonnie was making hot coco in the kitchen.
-Fell in love instantly.
Together to the two completed a total of 13 murders
over 50 robberies
Their Crime Spree Began in 1932, Bonnie and Clyde began traveling with Raymond Hamilton, a young gunman. Hamilton left them several months later and was replaced by William Daniel Jones in November 1932.
& there connections to history
Bonnie & Clyde
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