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St. Adjutor of Vernon

No description

Stephen D'Antonio

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of St. Adjutor of Vernon

St. Adjutor of Vernon
What is a saint?
A saint is a person who is officially recognized by the Christian church as being holy because of the way they lived. Some qualities of a saint are that they are humble, a role model, and a defender of the faith. Some examples of a saint are St. Adjutor of Vernon, St. John the Baptist, St. Nicholas, and St. Dorothy.
Life Facts
St. Adjutor was born in Vernon, Normandy. Nobody knows exactly when he was born, but we know he died in 1131(almost 900 years ago).
Patronage & Feast Day
St. Adjutor is the patron saint of swimmers, boaters, drowning victims, and Vernon. His feast day is on April 30.
Values and Qualities of St. Adjutor
St. Adjutor was very faithful. He also listened to God and asked Him for help always when he needed it. He was also honest. When he needed help he didn't deny it. He didn't say "no I'm fine" he looked up and asked God to help. Since he did this he was also humble. He was also modest. He knew that God was inside him, and that if he prayed to Him he would be answered.
Some words St. Adjutor said.
"It is as easy for God to free people from this whirlpool as it was for him to free me from my chains."
Symbols Associated with St. Adjutor
Water, oceans, chains are symbols associated with St. Adjutor.
The Spirituality of St. Adjutor
St. Adjutor practice the Theological Virtues very well, especially Faith and Love. He practiced Faith by believing in God, even at the hardest of times, and never gave up on his faith and beliefs. He practiced Love by loving God before all things and turning to Him when he needed help.
How I can be a better person from what I have learned
I can be a better person from St. Adjutor's example by praying to him before my next swim season or meet just hiw St. Adjutor prayed to Mary Magdelen and God at battle, when he was locked up, and at the whirlpool.
St. Adjutor, watch over me. Bless me in the pool and save me in the sea. Help me to swim, and not sink, help me to live and not be chained up. Let me trust you and see through your eyes.

St. Adjutor's Life
Saint Adjutor was like a chief in battle. When his men weren't doing so good after praying to Mary Magdalen everything was better. The same thing happened when he was chained up. When he was trying to save people from a whirlpool he prayed to God, and He helped. Then when the battle and everything was finished he went home, and built a chapel in honor of Mary Magdalen.
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