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Data Structure Stack

Cin Garillos

on 8 May 2011

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Transcript of Na_STACK_ako

STACK is a/an data structure linear list abstract data type L.I.F.O. Last In First Out scheme FUNCTIONS POP() PUSH() TOP()
/PEEK() isEmpty() isFull() Initialize() Destroy() POP() PUSH() example sa LIFO implementation adds an element or a new node at the TOP removes an element or a node from the TOP of the stack of the stack creates or initializes a new stack deletes all the elements of the stack returns TRUE if the stack is empty returns TRUE if the stack is full returns the value of the recently added element w/o removing it from the stack linked list array Definition Operations Implementation Application Games References Dr. Friedrich Ludwig Bauer and Dr. Klaus Samelson (30. März 1957) (in german). Verfahren zur automatischen Verarbeitung von kodierten Daten und Rechenmaschine zur Ausübung des Verfahrens. Deutsches Patentamt. Retrieved 2010-10-01. The Stack Data Structure. http://hamilton.bell.ac.uk/swdev2/notes/notes_12.pdf. May 02, 2011. Stacks. http://cpp.datastructures.net/presentations/Stacks.pdf. May 03, 2011 first proposed in 1955,
then patented in 1957, by the German Friedrich L. Bauer. EXERCISE: Palindromes
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