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Book Report

No description


on 19 July 2014

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Transcript of Book Report

Book Report
Hello! Today I will be doing my report on the novel The Mortal Instruments: City of Glass. The author of this novel is Cassandra Clare. The publisher's name is Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing Division in New York city. There are 541 pages, 20 chapters and an epilogue. I will be discussing the plot, setting, characters, events leading up to the climax and I will also have a glossary for the different terms from the novel so you all know what I'm talking about. Let's get started!
1. Alicante: Capital city of Idiris otherwise known as the city of glass.
2. The Clave: Group of shadowhunters who decide the law and rule the shadowhunters
3. The Consul: Head guard of the Clave.
4. Daylighter: A vampire who can walk in the sunlight (Simon)
5. Downworlder: Beings who are half demon half human. They are Vampires, Werewolves, Warlocks and Faeries.
6. Forsaken: They are mundanes that have either decided to make a shadowhunter put a mark on them or they tried to drink angel blood from the mortal cup and died in the process
7. Idris: The birth place of shadowhunters.
8. The Inquisitor: A shadowhunter who decides if a person i responsible for a crime. Then reports back to the Clave if they are guilty or innocent
9. The Mortal Cup: First of the three mortal instruments sacred to shadowhunters brought by the angel Raziel when he was summoned by the shadowhunter Jonathan shadowhunter
10. Mortal Glass (Lake Lyn): The third and final mortal instrument sacred to shadowhunters was the lake the angel Raziel was to by the first shadowhunter Jonathan Shadowhunter.
11. Mortal sword (Maellartach): The second of the three mortal instruments sacred to shadowhunters brought by the angel Raziel when he was summoned
12. Mundane: A regular ordinary person who thinks downworders and shadowhunters are myths.
13. Rune: Design created to serve a purpose to it's wearer( healing, love, fearless, soundless)
14. Seraph blade: Blade with the name of an angel and springs to life when it's name is said. These blades are crafted by the Iron Sisters. Used by shadowhunters.
15. Shadowhunter: Beings who are half human half angel.
16. Silent brothers: Group of shadowhunters sworn to silence. They have their own type of runes and are members of the Clave. Guards of the silent city and the mortal sword.
17. Stele: The tool shadow hunters user to make runes that shadowhunters use.
I have a lot of characters in my book (26). That's a lot of characters I know. To spare time and boring you I narrowed it down to 3 characters. The names of those characters are Jonathan (Jace) Herondale, Clarissa (Clary) Morgenstern, and Jonathan (Sebastian) Morgenstern. I will describe each in their on paragraph to give you a good idea about them. Let's begin.
Jace Herondale
This character Jace was introduced to us in the first book (City of Bones) as the cool guy who knew everything about what he does and is better than everyone. Some adjectives I would use to describe Jace's personality are cocky, arrogant, sarcastic, stubborn, cautious and a bit reserved. For his physical and what he wears I would say handsome, tall, muscular, blonde, gold eyes and he will always will have multiple weapons at his disposal. I would describe Jace as the guy everyone wants to be and he stole the affection of the fandom right away. Also the one who stole Jace's heart was Clarissa (Clary) Morgenstern the "mundane" from Brooklyn.
Clary Morgenstern
This character was introduced in the first book (City of Bones) as a sixteen year old mundane. Fast forward to book 3 she is a shadowhunter and is looking for a cure to her mothers spell. The personality of Clary is shy, sweet, irrational, clumsy and has a fear of heights. The physical appearance of Clary is small, red headed, green eyes, usually wears mundane clothes and usually carries a stele with her. From the first book Clary has always had a crush on Jace but later thinks they are related. Clary is also one of the most important characters in the series.
Sebastian Morgenstern
This character was introduced to us in the third book (city of glass) as Sebastian Verlac Aline Penhallows quiet, shy cousin but we come to figure out he is Jonathan Morgenstern Clary's brother. A few adjectives to describe Sebastian's personality are cruel, aggravating, nasty and insulting. For Sebastian's physical I'd say fast, strong, tall, black eyes, blonde hair and will have a sort of weapon with him. My opinion of this character is very bad and I and my fellow readers of this series actually hate this character. In other words Sebastian attractive villain of these books.
City of Glass
"Prepare to be hooked"
-Entertainment Weekly
"The new queen of fantasy.' wall street journal
16 million printed copies
Cassandra Clare
New Cover
In my book there are essentially three settings. Two of the three settings are fictional and one is nonfictional. The two settings that are fictional are the Institute and the second is Idris. The one setting that is nonfictional is New York city. I will describe each in a detailed one paragraph descriptions. Enjoy,
New York
The Institute
This setting was described to us in the first book (City of Bones) as the home of Clary, Simon and their families. They have described the noise of traffic to be loud, sometimes annoying and that the air smells like gasoline. The people that live there are described as rude, self obsessed and snobby. We also figure out that there is a vampire clan, a werewolf pack and many other interesting creatures that live there. That's the setting New york from my book.
This setting was described to us in the first book (City of Bones). The Institute was also introduced as the home of Jace, Isabelle, Alec and Hodge. An Institute is a place where shadowhunters in the area can stay and sleep while they are there. There are also certain families who are appointed to run the Institute so the other shadowhunters can feel comfortable. The family that runs the New York Institute are the Lightwoods ( Alec and Isabelle's mom and dad). The Institute was often described as a dark and Gothic style church. This was the setting the Institute.
Jace's mission
The Book of White
The Mortal Instruments
The first time we visit this country is in book three although it was briefly mentioned in the first book. The capital city of Idris is Alicante and this city is also named the City of Glass which is where the title of the book comes from. This place is described as beautiful with rolling hills, dipping valleys and clear running lakes. The city was also described as beautiful with the gleaming panes of the demon towers and manors to stay at in the summer. It was also described very safe because of the demon towers but in the book the wards of the towers were taken down and demons invaded. this was the setting of Idris.
This paragraph will be on the subject of the problems of my book. The main problem in my book is a person named Valentine Morgenstern ( Clary and Sebastian's father) but there were also some minor problems a long the way. One of the smaller problems is that Valentine is sending demons into the shadowhunter city (Alicante) and killing a lot of shadowunters. Another is that Sebastian is the one who took down the wards. So the really big smaller problem is that Valentine is trying to summon the angel Raziel and he would ask the angel to turn all shadowhunters who haven't dranken from the mortal cup into Forsaken. These are the problems in the book.
This is the paragraph where I tell you the ending of my book. So after Jace finds Sebastian and Valentine Sebastian unleashes Valentines army before twelve o'clock ties Jace up and threatens to kill him. But Jace convinces him to fight and give him a fair chance. So they get outside the cave and fight. After Sebastian nearly kills Jace a whip comes out of nowhere and slices off Sebastian's hand. It was Isabelle and she said "That was for Max you @#!$%&*.". But Sebastian comes back after Isabelle half healed Jace and started to kick and whip her. But Jace got up and stabbed Sebatian in the back which severed his spine and pierced his heart. Meanwhile Clary is with Valentine and he summoned the angel. But Raziel doesn't agree with Valentine and in return for torturing Ithuriel kills him and brings Jace back from the dead. Then we figure out that all along Jace and Clary were never related and that Valentine was just playing a sick joke on them. That's the solution to my book.
This is one of the 4 paragraphs about the events that happened in the book so these would be events that happened in the first, second and fourth chapters. The first thing that is happening is that Jace, Madeline, the Lightwoods and Clary are supposed to be going to Idris but Jace doesn't want Clary to go so he lies about the time they are leaving and asks Simon to say that Clary changed her mind about going but then a group of forsaken come and disrupt them portalling to Idris. In this process Madeline is killed and Simon is stabbed leaving Clary with only the name of a warlock to find and Jace having no choice but to take Simon with him through the portal with the Lightwoods and himself. After that the Clave promise to send Simon home to New York but he doesn't cooperate with the Inquisitor and he throws Simon in jail instead. Those were a few events from the book so far.
Thank you for listening to my presentation. Hope you enjoyed. Bye Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The is the second of the 4 paragraphs about the events that happened the book this will be about the third chapter. In the third chapter Clary gets to the Institute and realises that everyone has already gone and the portal has closed. Magnus Bane (the warlock) was there with her mother's friend Luke (the werewolf). Clary gets angry and sees a rune so she decides to draw it on the outside wall of the Institute and to her surprise it creates a portal. She tries to go through but at the last second Luke grabs her hand to try to stop her but the portal pulls him with her. They end up falling in Lake Lyn the lake which is poisonous to shadowhunters and brings her to his sister Amatis to heal her from dying. That was the event of Amatis.
This would be the the third of 4 paragraphs on the events of my book this would be about chapters 7, 8 and 9. In the first book (City of Bones) Jocelyn (Clary's mom) had put a spell on herself so that Valentine (Clary's father) wouldn't figure out the location of the Mortal cup and she only told one person how to remove the spell (Madeline) and all Madeline got to tell Clary was to find the warlock Ragnor Fell so after she died that was the only thing Clary knew that she had to do to save her mother. So before they knew Sebastian was a spy Clary goes with him to see Ragnor only to find Magnus Bane who was claiming to be Ragnor Fell so before she could tell Sebastian it wasn't Ragnor Magnus froze him and then explained that Ragnor Fell was actually dead and left a message in warlock language that read " He was attacked here by servants of Valentine and they demanded the Book of White." but Ragnor didn't own the book Jocelyn did and Ragnor advised she hid it from Valentine so at a party she put it in a book at the Wayland manor so to find it she would have to go there but there were misdirection wards on the manor so she would need someone who had lived there to bring her (Jace). After a bit of convincing Jace agreed to go with her so Clary used Jace's stele to use her own portal rune to get to the manor. Jace and Clary had found the book but decided to stay for a bit longer so for fun Clary knocked of some books of the shelf and then after a few turns she got Jace to try and when he knocked the books off the shelf the discovered a hidden cellar behind the shelf. They decided to go in and explore to find down in the cellar and angel bones and cages with logs of progress even one for Jocelyn. But when they saw the angel it started to sing and showed images of the past like when Valentine gave Jocelyn demon blood, the birth of her son, images of Jace growing up, Valentine interrogating Ithuriel etc. After that they stood in silence and Clary used runes to free the angel when Jace handed Ithuriel a seraph blade and then the angel drove it into his own heart but they didn't know Ithuriel was bound to the manor so it started collapsing and exploded several seconds after they jumped out the window. But then realised that Clary had lost Jace's stele and they had to walk 6 hours back to Alicante. That was the long event of the Book of White
This the fourth and final event from chapters 15-20. After we met Ithuriel and the images that showed revealed that Jace had demon blood in him as well as mundane and angel so he decides that it would be better to die than be a monster. So after leaving Clary a note in an envelope with his necklace he embarks on a journey to find Valentine and kill him. To do so he thinks he should track Sebastian to find Valentine but there is one problem they don't have anything to track him with but Clary had a bit of his blood on her jacket so Jace took a strand from it to track him with the help of Magnus of course. The strand led Jace to a valley with a little stone cottage so he went there but Sebastian unfortunately wasn't there. But there was a cave nearby so Jace decided to venture and it ends up Sebastian and Valentine were there and they had the demon army with them and Valentine left so that he could summon Raziel from the lake and he trusted Sebastian to wake the demon army at 12 o'clock when he'd promised he would. But as Jace tried to sneak away Sebastian heard him and stopped him. That was the event of Jace's mission.
This is the highest point of action in the book. After Sebastian heard Jace he knocked him out and tied him up But Jace convinced to let him fight back so they go outside and Jace only has a dagger and Sebastian is almost fully armed. Will Jace win? Will one of them die? Will Valentine summon the angel? If you want to find these answers you have to read the end of City of Glass.
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