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Untitled Prezi

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Stana Katic Spain

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Happy Birthday Stana!! The day I saw you on the TV, somehow, my life changed. Between all the people and all the actresses out there, it was you who got stuck in me. I know you're the best I could choose.
Day by day you allow us to enjoy all the best of you. You make me laugh, you make me cry, give us some advice… You allow us to keep dreaming and living. You're the most hard-working person I've ever known, the person that most enjoys her job. And please, keep doing all that, because you have the ability to transmit your wish of living. Even on the worst days, you make me smile from the other side of the world. I really admire your life philosophy. I hope you keep sharing all that with us. Because one day, you’ll become an icon of our society, a sign of strength; you won’t be just the actress that once appeared on “Castle”. One day, everything you do, all your work will be rewarded. And that day, the world will tremble! You're changing this world, you're making it a better place (and I mean it. You're really doing it.)

Keep working and enjoying what you do. Enjoy life. Take care of everything and everybody. Spread the love. Cause this all is what defines who you're. Just keep being the perfect human you're.

I'll be right here, admiring your projects, your lifestyle and admiring you. ALWAYS.

My best wishes from north Spain. De moi à vous: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS!!!
Hope to meet you soon.

Nerea Gómez Hi, Stana!
Срећан рођендан

I write you this letter, since I would like to wish you happy birthday. I really hope you have a great one.

Firstly, I would like to introduce myself so you get to know me a little. I know who you are, but you don’t know anything about me.I know my English is not perfect, but I’m going to try my best so you can understand me.

My name’s Zoraida and I’m 19. I’m just one of your Spanish fans. I love listening to all kind of music, from Queen to Dani Martín (a Spanish singer). I’m currently doing the last year of High School. Well, I think it’s time to stop talking about me and get straight to the point, YOU.

I appreciate you and you can’t imagine how much your smile affects me. When I watch Castle I forget all my problems. I can’t stop laughing my head off. I love Caskett!! You are an excellent actress, but you are a better person. You’re such a good girl and you’re beautiful either inside or outside, and you should never forget that.
You have taught people that anything is possible. You “leave” your life to follow your dreams in Hollywood. You got it! As they say, “Dreams always come true”. You are an example. You inspire others to follow their dreams and to never give up.
I believe that the time we were born we have a mission to fulfill and some are in charge of bringing peace, happiness and optimism to ones hearts. You were born to make magic with each performance.

You are as perfect as drawer.
Please, promise me that you’ll enjoy your life, since your happiness is also mine.

Poljupci iz Španjolske!

Zoraida Toro Hello!
My name is Toñi and I'm writing from Spain.
I'm a great follower of your job. You do that the feelings of characters that you interpret, break through the screen. I know that for you these letter is another letter from a fan, but I want that you know that your fans will never be you alone, we always will be with you , and we fight together for the awards that you deserve. I want that you know that fans of Spain look forward to come here, because we are a lot of fans that every Monday we stay sit with the computer to see in live Castle. I end this letter say you, happy birthday and I hope enjoy your character during more years. Kisses from an inconditional fan.

Toñi del Castillo Cuevas The first time that I saw Castle, I thought 'Wow, that girl is an amazing actress!'. But I hadn't watched all yet. Now, I have seen every episode of Castle a million times and I'm fan, and I have watch your movies, and I like it all. I would like to meet you in the future because I think that you are a incredible, friendly and caring person. You wear so cool always, and you are so cheerful with everybody.

I just can say "thank you" for every moment in Castle, in interviews, and I ask you one thing.. You don't leave us, your fans, whatever they say, because you're the best person and actress I ever meet in tv.

In addition, I want to congratulate for your birthday and I wish you all the best."

Alicia González Vicente I want to start saying “thank you” for making my bad days become better days, thank you for all the work and effort that you put day by day so that people like me can enjoy what you do, and so that I can be happy for having the opportunity of watching you.

I knew you as an actress because of Castle, and I got hooked to you, I found each of your films and I thought: “How couldn't I've known her before?”. Your passion and your dedication make me think about the fact that maybe there’s perfection inside the imperfection. I've gotten to cry in the most dramatic scenes, and smile in the most romantic ones, and moreover, I’ve anxiously waited for those days in which a new episode or a new video of yours was coming out, just to feel closer to you.

Stana, thank you for your smile, you light up the world with it. Never stop smiling. Wish you all the best, because you deserve it. You have a really big heart.

I’ll be there for you in the distance, but distance are just miles. I send you all my support from here.

Happy Birthday from South Spain, with much love.

Carolina Sanchez Stana Katic Spain (@StanaKaticES)
Dear Stana:

I can only say that you are amazing actress, so talented and absolutely perfect, love so much Castle, i hope you have an awesome birthday, with all the people you love, Spain adores you so much, i am seriously obssesed with Castle, Caskett....

Love you so much Stana.

Much love from Maria Gomez Mendoza xoxo

Mariana Gómez Mendoza Hello Stana!
I can't believe I'm writing to you =O (the face is shouting WAAAAAA)

First of all and before I forget: Sretan Rodendan! (I hope that I've just written happy birthday in Croatian, if I didn't and internet tricked me; Happy birthday!! Or in my language: ¡¡Feliz cumpleaños!!)

Having said that I will present myself: I'm María Belén Guelfo (Belu for friends.. ;)) (not double smile just closing the parenthesis, although right now after the WAAAA thing I'm like this =))))))))) ) So, as I was saying, I'm Belu, a 22 year old woman (23 by the time you will read this letter, my birthday is on April the 4th, April rocks!! Yeaaah) I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina and every day I take the subway to go to work. Faster than traveling by car, a bit boring because I only see concrete walls through the windows... But, it allows me to sleep a few minutes more and that makes me start my day with another mood. In Buenos Aires we also have the chance to use bicycles to travel for free around the city. You can take the bike at one stop near your house and return it at a stop near your office and voilà you get to work healthier and also a bit sweaty... I myself don't use that particular mean of transport, I should though, but here in Argentina cars and buses drivers are a bit crazy so I have my doubts about using the bike for now. I’m telling you this because I know about your interest in alternatives means of transport and as I know so many things about you now you know something about me, ohh another thing, I LOVE sports, all of them! LOVE them, watching and practicing them (the practicing issue is not my strength nowadays, I run 5 minutes and I get really tired because, since I left school in 2007, that I don't practice any of them in a regular basis. I tried soccer once but I end up being the keeper for the same reasons..)
And last thing about me, I love you!! (Not in THAT way though, I love my boyfriend, well I don't have one but I would love to have one and love him!! Hahaha) Even though I haven't met you personally, all the interviews I saw of you, the videos of you signing autographs and taking photos with fans, castle bloopers and even one that I saw the other day of you singing shows the REAL you, the simple person you are, authentic, humble and the incredible human being you really are! I will love to meet you just to have some chat about anything, you rock girl!!

The funny thing of this is that it's the first time I write to a famous person, a celebrity, an incredible actress (OMG =O, the WAAAA took control of me again) but yet, I wrote to you as if you where my friend (one of your dreams for sure... haha I WISH!! One of MY dreams) Either way, I know that if I had the chance to meet you, I will be the one not moving at all with my mouth a bit open, and then perhaps I will ask you with a big smile and some stuttering if I can hug you.

I leave you my twitter account @10belen my e-mail address beluguelfo@hotmail.com just in case...

My telephone number and my address as well (some kind of rime I make there, didn't I?? Stana: "Yeah sureee..." Eyes rolling...) Naah just kidding, not going to give you EVERYTHING, don't know you THAT well, in your twitter you said you were involved in illegal things, don't know if you are complete out of that…
I hope you have the best day eveeeeer!! REALLY, best day ever, you deserve it!

Belu Guelfo. Hi Stana!

When I heard about this activity that fans wants make to you I thought: This is my chance to say everything I think about.

You are AMEZING! just the way you are, like the song HAHA seven letters simplify you. Your work acting it’s excellent. I meet you on Castle and I very grateful for have discovered and be your fan (#1 in Nicaragua) you transmit all that you want, I believe in all your laughs, cries and angers, nobody can do that as you do. As a person I don´t have the gratitude to meet you but that is one of my dreams (not too distant future : D) and you labor on ATP say a lot about you as a person. I think you are different from other actors and that your work means a lot to you and you put all your passion on it.

Happy Birthday, have a nice day with your loved ones and friends. XOXOXO
I love you Stana!!

Since my little but beautiful Nicaragua,

Ximena Silva. To Stana Katic: The reason I admired you is because you are really intelligent, you know how to choose words and when they need to be said, you care about real stuff you are not just sitting there waiting for a new role to play where you have free time, you go and see how beautiful our world is because you know that life is one and we have to enjoy it. I just want to thank you for inspired me to be a better person in my personal and professional life and for make me realize that if I really want something in my life just need to work hard for it. And if one day I have the honor to know you in person I would like to thanks you for had made of my life a better one. You have the whole package HBB( Heart, Brain and Beauty)thank for always being you. Hundred of blessing for you.

Yeimy (thenewkamila_21 ) HBD.


You are the whole packaged heart , brain and beauty

Yeimy Hi!
I just want to wish you a wonderful day! May all your wishes come true!

You are the most beautiful and intelligent person I’ve ever met. You’re a truly inspiration not only for me but to many people, please don’t ever change the way you are! Luv ya! Saludos desde Mexico! ;)


Karen Fajardo
Hello Stana.
My name is Noa, I have 13 years old and live in Spain. I wanted to wish you a happy birthday and thank you for each chapter of Castle you record, I never lost one. I love your love Beckett character.
I hope you're reading this letter, I would really happy because you are my favorite actress.
You look beautiful and gorgeous, really. It would be great if you, Nathan and the others protagonist of Castle going to Spain.
I hope to have many more Castle chapters follow, as it is a brilliant and funny serie.
All my friends tell me I have an obsession with Castle and you, because I spend the day talking about you and the serie. I have my room filled with pictures and posters of Castle, but most of you and Nathan.
Well, no more, kisses and love from Spain.

Noa Casal Romero Dear Stana,

Thank you. Thank you for making me believe in myself, for drawing me a smile on the face, for showing me how amazing life can be, for teaching me to never give up and fight for my dreams, for help me keep the calm in times of storm, for making me a better person.
Thank you for being so wonderful as you are. You changed my life, may sound a bit exaggerated, but it’s true.
When I talk to my friends about you, they say I’m obsessed, but they don’t know all you mean to me. They don’t know what an idol.

Now, I want to wish you a happy birthday and a happy life. In times when everything goes wrong, remember you're the reason why thousands of people smile every day and thanks to you, they’re happy. Your smile is beautiful, let the world show it. You deserve all the best.

Years pass and you're still amazing, never change Stana.

I don’t know how, when or where, but I’m sure I’ll meet you someday and then, I’ll be the happiest girl in the world. It’s my biggest dream.

I don’t know if you will read this, but if you do, remember that I'll always support you.



Julia Poyato Montes Happy Birthday Stana!
Have an awesome day with all the people you love, age is not a number is a feeling and you're like 10 to me.
I have lots of things to say about you, your projects and my feelings for you, but I really don't know how to start this.
I think maybe with the beginning of everything, September 14th 2012, the day I find your name in wikipedia :P and the day I followed and tweeted you for the first time. It was love at first sight. When I saw your picture I knew I already loved you and something big was going to happen. Then I saw your tweets and I fell in love with the kind person you are. I discovered that behind that beautiful face and gorgeous body, existed a generous, green (as ATP, not newbie), caring and really intelligent woman. A woman that cares about fans, children and the environment. A woman that has big dreams, just like us, that wants to help the world by doing little efforts everyday, that wants to visit every inch of the world, wants to study every language, wants to learn about every culture.

I want to thank you enormously for tweeting me on September 29th 01:29 here, 10:29 pm there I think, you tweeted me INCREDIBLE FUN and that was the best thing you could tweet me, you made my day, week, year and CENTURY! I'll never forget that my idol spent 1 minute tweeting me so thanks again.
I want you to know that one of my life-goals is meeting you, because I think you really are a mind blowing person, you make me forget how to breath when there are new pictures of you, you make me scream of happiness and I want to confess that I cried when you didn't win the PCA :l
At school I talk a lot about you and my friends are convinced you're a wonderful person because of how I talk about you, they really loved the ATP idea and we use public transportation to go to the shopping center. One time, you didn't tweet for 1 week (GONE FISHING BACK IN A WEEK) and a friend said: "She must be doing something to make the world better".

Well I just wanted to tell you that being part of this fandom has been an awesome experience, that For Lovers Only is my favorite movie now and I've watched it 8 times and I could watch it forever, and that you are the best idol in the world. Thank you so much for being who you are and HAPPY BIRTHDAY STANA JACQUELINE (I'm just teasing you) KATIC, ENJOY!

Isidora Muñoz Dear Stana,

First of all: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Your Spanish Stanatics wish you a flawless birthday!
You deserve the best birthday in the history of birthdays because you’re a perfect woman: artistic, awesome, cheerful, special, gorgeous, friendly, generous, lovely, supportive, beautiful and although the perfection doesn’t exist, you’re the closest person.
It doesn’t matter what people thing, for your Stanatics you will be the best woman in Earth forever, because I’m sure if there were more people like you, thing will be better.

I love your way to being and acting.
You create special moments where other actors and actresses only will be speaking in front of a camera without feelings.
I wanted to give you special thanks for make Castle a special series, my favorite series.

I hope some day you travel to Spain to make a press conference about Castle, because lot of people will be there.
But today, 26th April is your birthday, your special day so although you don’t know me, I hope you have the best birthday.

With love,
one of your Stanatics.

Ana Díez Baladrón. I don’t know how to start with this… is going to be something short… I just want to say you that I love when you act and that I think that you’re amazing. I think you’re a very great actress, I love the way you are and the work you do is fantastic. I think you’re an exceptional actress and I just want to thank you for existing.

Kisses from Spain sweetie, from One of your biggest fan in the whole world.

Irantzu Martinez Dear Stana: I’m supposed to give you a gift in your birthday, but I want you to know that you were the one that gave me the best of the gifts. I’m as happy as if I had the luck of being in front of you and asking you for an autograph, and taking a picture with you. You gave me without knowing it plenty of gifts: You know something? I never used to use makeup (now I do); I didn’t dress elegantly (now I do); I never used to use creams for the skin so that I could have a beautiful face like yours (now I’m patience and I take care of my skin like never before); I use one kind of perfume during the day, and another one for the night. They seem superfluous things, but they aren’t, because those things mark the presence of a person, determines the respect and the concept, even the way that somebody goes to another person. It’s not fanaticism or obsession towards you or your person. No one could ever imitate you just because they don’t have the purity of your soul, which smiles across your eyes, besides that smile that cameras and photographers capture and that makes you an adorable human being who illuminates everybody’s hearts, without exception, recognizing your style and presence. You’re unique and unrepeatable. YOU CHANGED MY LIFE IN ALL SENSES!! You taught me that I had a Kate inside of me, asleep, that once she woke up, she could withstand adversity, demand respect and recognition, and that I could dream with traveling. You taught me to value myself, and all those things that Kate and Stana teach. Thank you for being who you are, for your professionalism, for being inspirational for us, and a model in our lives, thanks for existing. Sorry for all the tweets you receive day by day each time we see you there, proposing thins, showing things that have some value for you, that show’s us projects, dreams. We say between us that when you appear, twitter wakes up, and it’s true. Hollywood and the whole world is full of actresses, but there’s NOBODY LIKE YOU. I adore you with all my heart. Happy Birthday Princess!! Wish you all the happiness of the world, today and ALWAYS for you. Giant kisses for you from Argentina.
Sonia Viviana Venier Happy Birthday!!!!!!!! I wish you the best birthday, you deserve it. Thanks for just being you. You are the person that makes me smile. Only seeing your videos, or bloopers from movies. Stana, you are such an inspiration for me and many others.I wish some day i can be like you. Sorry i`m not really good writing letters. I try to write it in my head first and have it perfect, but then when i sit on the computer, i just forget. You give me too much good. You have brighten many of my days!!! I really want you to know that you mean a lot for me and i wish your wishes come true. When you came to Argentina i was like dying, i really wanted you to feel so comfortable in my country. And i couldn`t be there making the best for you unluckily. Sorry about my English, it`s not my first language. Thanks for everything. I will always be there for you, i will always support you, no matter what. I will ALWAYS be your Stanatic. Love u so much. Hope u like your birthday present. And again , Happy Birthday my idol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Inés Ramos This is simple, when people ask me why I admire you, I tell them: she's a person like you and me, but her outlook on life, her professionalism, her naturalness and simplicity won me.

Every time I see your work on TV, interviews or cinema, makes me love this profession more and more, and want to devote to it, the world of the cinema, of the interpretation.
When I see the great job you do, you make me get up, cry, get excited and have many other feelings at the same time.

I don't want to congratulate just because today is your birthday, but because of all the great job you have don't during this years.

Blow out the candles, make a wish and just have fun. Cristina Vazquez
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