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form of illness

No description

Steven Dampier

on 1 December 2015

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Transcript of form of illness

partnership working
We use partnership working as two different professionals come together to help care for the ill patient. We do this as it will help benefit the service user as there will be more knowledge and different experineces which could help them come to the best conclusion for the ill individual. an exmaple of this could be if two professionals help move an ill individual without putting them or themselves at risk.
working in partnership with adults using services, families and informal carers
We allow families are able to help an individual with an illness as they may feel more comfortable talking to their family members than professionals. Some individuals cannot speak for themseleves so the family can talk on thier behalf. As well as the families, an informal carer who personally looks after an ill individual could aslo help a lot as they will be able to give the individual the correct dignity and will know their beliefs and views.
decision making processes and forums

Our company talk to the correct people when it comes to decision making. We try our best to get the best possible outcome for the ill individuals by making the best decisions we can. Decision making is not a easy prosess and it can take a long time, but sometimes we will need to make the best decision as quick as we can otherwise the ill individual can be put at risk.
staff training and induction
We make sure that all of our staff are trained at the best ability as we can. We will give them an intense training course so that they know exactly what to do with ill individuals. After this we will give them a 3 week induction to see how they cope being by themselves working with the individuals and if they do not meet the correct standard of care then will have to let them go and not give them a job.
role of care quality commission
our company looks into making sure that the peopel are giving safe, effective, high quality of care. if the standard is not at the right level, they will need to work on it. once the stadard is finnally met then we will keep checking to make sure that they are still making improvments.
multi-agency working
We also use multi-agency working as we come together with two or more agencies to benefit individuals as there will be more knowledge and different stratagies to look at in certain situations. An example of different agencies working together could be a GP, hospital and specialists to help treat ill individuals.
Callie Holmes
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