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Chanel NO.5 marketing plan

No description

Grace Zhang

on 24 March 2013

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Transcript of Chanel NO.5 marketing plan

Target Customers Competitors Analysis Company Background Launched year: 2012

Fragrance Top- bergamot,orange, blossom
Heart- white flowers, musk
Base- leather, wood

Bottle, sharp , color

outer carton Directly Operated Stores
online channels
franchise shops
fleet stores and other channels Italian Fashion Company
established in 1921
Directly Operated Stores Product- Gucci Premiere Price EDP 30ml(96 AU$96)

EDP 50ml(AU$132)

EDP 75ml(AU$168) People Film and Media strategies TV commercial: Director- Nicolas Winding Refn

Actress-Blake Lively

red carpet moment, Hollywood glamour She also demonstrates the product as to celebrate the star in every woman.

Targets- young and mature women Recomendation 1 Recommendation Advertisement--Brad pitt --Amanda Seyfried Printed ad Facebook Twitter Marilyn Monroe, Ali MacGraw, Nicole Kidman . . . and Brad Pitt? J’adore’s Elements Competitor Analysis Name: The perfume name J’adore is French, translated into English “I Love”.
Logo: Golden logo set undertones of luxury and extravagance.
Slogan: “J’adore Dior” is translated into English as “I love Dior,” making it consistent with the feeling of adoration and feminity that the other brand elements portray.
Spokes Model: Charlize Theron Product Price & People Distribution Promotion Nicole Kidman 2000's Chanel NO.5 mainly target the middle age female who are from 35 -- 50 years old. fashionable and in the upper socioeconomic status.
appreciate luxury goods
elegant, simple, modern and classic Product 'A woman who doesn't wear perfume has no future.'
--Coco Chanel (1921) Price and Place ‘there are people who have money and who are rich’
----Coco Chanel Promotion Reference:(http://au.strawberrynet.com/main.aspx) ADPLAN Framework Magazines http://www.chaneln5.com/selector.html Recomendation 2 J’adore aims to be an “Incarnation of absolute feminity” (Dior.com), through positiong itself as a luxurious, sophisticated and glamorous product.
Packaging: J’adore is sold in simple, elegant white box with gold logo.
Scent : Composed of three layers - Ylang-Ylang flowers, Damask Rose and Sambac Jasmin (Dior.com)
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