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Session 2 Summer 2014

LinkedIn, Values and Culture

Jennifer Miller

on 8 June 2014

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Transcript of Session 2 Summer 2014

How to...
Session 2
In groups discuss the following:
How was going over the learning contract with your supervisor?
Why are you interning?
How is the internship going?
What can you do to stand out at your internship?

Culture and Ethics
What are the values of the company?
How important is the company's values?
Resource - www.glassdoor.com

Example: For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.
Have a great week!
If you have any questions before our next class...email, call, use the talk with the professor/ask a question feature in angel!
Internship Update
Video of the Week
Reminder - Make sure your supervisor is correctly in Symplicity
Due this today (by midnight on Angel):
Learning Contract
Getting to know you assignment
FOCUS2 Career Readiness Section
Due session 3; 6/10:
time sheet 1
Informational interview
FOCUS2 Self Assessment
Due session 4; 6/17:
LinkedIn assignment
Elevator Pitch
Due session 5; 6/24:
timesheet 2
Revised Resume and Cover Letter
Final 2-3 page paper on FOCUS2
Due after session 5:
last timesheet if needed
Copyright 2014 Cengage Learning. All rights reserved.
Personal values in the workplace
Copyright 2014 Cengage Learning. All rights reserved.
Values as motivators
Copyright 2014 Cengage Learning. All rights reserved.
Intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivation
Copyright 2014 Cengage Learning. All rights reserved.
Were you completing a task? What kind?
Were you meeting your needs?
Were you trying to please someone?
Or strengthen a relationship?
When were you last highly motivated?
Copyright 2014 Cengage Learning. All rights reserved.
Aiming to flourish
“Authentic Happiness”
Copyright 2014 Cengage Learning. All rights reserved.

~Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
Optimizing your Experiences
Copyright 2014 Cengage Learning. All rights reserved.
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
Mihai Simonia
Copyright 2014 Cengage Learning. All rights reserved.
TECH SAVVY: Your Online Persona
Kheng Guan Toh
Copyright 2014 Cengage Learning. All rights reserved.
“The more boundless your vision, the more real you are.”
~Deepak Chopra
wavebreakmedia ltd
Dmitriy Shironosov
Dmitriy Shironosov
Copyright 2014 Cengage Learning. All rights reserved.
Values and your career
Dmitriy Shironosov
Monkey Business Images
Alexander Raths
Copyright 2014 Cengage Learning. All rights reserved.
Building your Reputation
Group discussion
Video inspiration
Values, Culture and ethics
Linked In
Organizational Structure (time permitting)
FMM1 - Tigist, Zhou, Yan, Elena
FD - Madison, Saeri, Hua, Nishtha
FMM2 - Hila, Sabinne, Minako, Nicole
Design - Akanksha, Lydia, Kimberlei
Mix - Kenzie, Savannah, Siena
Work-life balance
Due session 4
How many of you:
Have a LinkedIn profile?
Have a complete profile?
Read news and articles on LinkedIn?
Have over 50 connections? 100? 200?
How many of you have over 200 instagram, twitter or facebook followers or friends?
Belong to groups on LinkedIn?
Are or have been active on groups?
Follow companies?
Have recommendations?
Have contacted or been contacted by someone on LinkedIn?
Have found a job because of LinkedIn?
Have no clue what I am talking about :-)
over 225 million members in 200 countries and territories
Official launch May 5, 2003

I have been a member since: February 19, 2004

Why I love LinkedIn...
Virtual dynamic rolodex
Online networking
Extended version of your resume with a customizable URL (http://www.linkedin.com/in/millerjennifer)
Company news and information
Industry news source
Job listings
HR contact information
Linked In Assignment
Create/update your LinkedIn profile including all colleges and jobs. You can use my profile as an example.
Connect to me! and at least 15 other new people including professors, classmates, relatives, friends, etc... using a professional message. Indicate who you are connecting to (include url in case they haven't accepted by the time the assignment is due) and why. Submit a sample of the professional message you use to connect.
Follow at least 5 new companies that interest you. Look at the information on LinkedIn about the companies. For one of the companies answer the following. What have you learned about the company that you didn't know before.
Join at least 5 new groups related to your professional interests and/or the college(s) you went to. Include the names of the groups in case you have to be approved for the group. For one of the groups explain why you selected it.
Look at your connection's connections, choose someone who you would be interested in meeting (professionally). Write about why you chose this person. What interested you about his/her profile? If you could meet this person, what would you like to ask him/her? Try to get introduced through a connection. Include the message you send to them and to your connection.
Profile like Facebook but professional
"Connections" not "Friends"
Activity - status update
Professional Groups
Job listings
Company information
Who's viewed your profile
Find connections from school and work
People you may know
Jobs you may be interested in
Companies you may wish to follow
Your Profile
Can use your resume as the basis
Your professional headline
Location and Industry
Add links of presentations, videos, etc...
Skills and expertise
Additional information
News, Activities, Etc...
Interesting articles
See updates from connections
Endorse people
Make and ask for recommendations
And more... such as...
Search for companies
that you are interested in
larger companies will have more information
see employees, past and present
follow companies of interest
What are you interested in?
Search using basic terms
technical design
social media
Pay attention to the number of members
If it's an open group look to see if there are active discussions
See if there are job listings
About Connecting
Connect to people you know: friends, professors, co-workers, family, etc...
Use a personal message when connecting for best results
Connect to people that your connections know via Send InMail, Get Introduced
Connect to people in groups
Some of the key points that I like are about success and being true to yourself. What was your favorite part of this commencement speech?
What does success mean to you now? Ellen tells the audience to be true to yourself and that your definition of success changes. How might your definition of success change in 5 years, 10 years or in 25 years ?
She also says that “I know who I am”. Do you know who you are? Are you being true to yourself in your life and career?
LinkedIn and

Career Readiness
Feedback? besides having trouble logging in
Self Assessment
Focus on the descriptions and not as much on the occupations...
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