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Bosnian War

No description

ranji song

on 20 January 2015

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Transcript of Bosnian War

What are the negative aspects of Bosnia War?
Creative Idea
What are new creative ideas or alternatives for solving the government problems of Bosnian War?
What conclusions or summaries can we make in moving forward about Bosnia War?
What facts are available about the social-political & economic situation of Bosnia War?
How does everyone feel about Bosnia War:
(before and after)

What are the positive aspects of Bosnia War?
Bosnian War
-Ethnic conflicts in Eastern Europe-

By. Ranji Song 8W
Time line
This is a map to show the location of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the world.
This is a closer map of Yugoslavia.
There are many different religious people.
Before the war began Muslim wanted to be
from Yugoslavia.
But Serb
didn't agree
with Muslim's independent.

After the war, which ended up with Bosnia's independence,
Muslim couldn't believe a lot of people's
but they were glad that they became independent.

After the war, Serb agreed Muslim's independence
by other countries.
Bosnia War: 1992 April.6 ~ 1995 December.14 (Wikipedia)

MLA Resources
This war basically caused by ethnic conflict and confrontation.
If this argument becomes bigger by religious problems, it can be developed into a crisis that
threatens the whole Europe

Bosnia and Herzegovina
became independent
from Yugoslavia.
The war became ceasefire, which maintains calmness.
There were a lot of victims from both minorities.
However, Bosnia would had more victims if there weren't
UN and Russia's help
during the war.
<Final Result>
After the Bosnia war, Bosnia became independent from Yugoslavia and ended to ceasefire.

However, the
peace of future depends on
how well other organizations like UN and EU or strong countries control the Serbia, which has strong sense of difference about ethnic and religion.

Therefore, i think conflicts between nations will be
Bosnia is located in a position, which is important
geographically, and strategically

In ancient times, Bosnia was a
of Eastern and Western Roman.
In middle ages, it was a
junction point
of Catholics and Orthodox. And it became a fierce arena of competition.
In Osman years, Islam became stronger and Muslims have built and made the history and culture of their own. Bosnia was a
decision boundary
at that time.
Many religions in one state is the reason why Bosnia had lots of opinion arguments.

Official languages are Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian.
After the world war 1, Bosnia was

incorporated in Yugoslavia
(contains Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, and Bosnia).

After the world war 2, Bosnia changed its name to
Bosnia and Herzegovina
(There were 44% Muslim, 31% Serb, 17% Croat, and 6% of people describing themselves as Yugoslav)

Yugoslavia was going well with a statesman called Tito. However in 1980 May, Tito dead from Gangrene.
Collapse of confederation in Yugoslavia caused the Ethnic conflict and confrontation.

Before the War
After the War
Bosnia War was an
ethnic strife
between Serb and Bosnia in Bosnia and Herzegovina as a
complex ethnic composition
and the
historical background
of the Balkan Peninsula.

In 1991,
Muslim and Croat
banded together and declared independence from Yugoslavia. Also, they hold a
, which occupied 31% of Bosnia
a referendum for independence of Bosnia.
Therefore, only Muslim, Croat, and people who described themselves as Yugoslav participated for a referendum and
proclaimed independence
In 1992 May,
admitted Bosnia’s independence, too. (Embarked into full-fledged civil war in Bosnia)

Ethnic cleansing
-(next page)

In 1992 August,
sent a
peacekeeping force
in Bosnia war but Serb was too strong to prevent. Therefore, it caused a lot of
In 1995 March,
proposed a
new proposal
that if Serb stops attacking Bosnia(Muslim+Croat), Russia will clear the restriction from UN to Serb.

Peace talks
began in
Dayton, Ohio
with Muslim, Serb, Croat, America, EU, and Russia.
In 1995 December, the final version of the peace agreement was signed in Paris and the Bosnia war ended as a ceasefire.

As a person who's hometown is also a divided nation, researching about the Bosnia War was really interesting.

Even though it's really complicated and hard, i have known many things happened while studying about this revolution and it was very impressive.
There were
a lot of victims
from Muslims when Ethnic cleansing happened. It was such a cruel mind and act by Slobodan Milošević.
By the huge support from Yugoslavia, Serb
occupied 70%
of Bosnia.
Embarked into full-fledged civil war in Bosnia...
Serb got power from many different kinds of
supports in Yugoslavia
Powerful Serb started to attack Bosnia. As a result, Serb occupied
70% of Bosnia
This event is called '
ethnic cleansing
' which is connected with Slobodan Milošević.

By the Dayton Peace Agreement, Bosnia became 1 country, 2 systems, constitute the
Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
(Muslim and Croat) and the
Republika Srpska

Now, the consolidated capital in Bosnia is

Bosnia has been maintaining calmness since 1998.
<Slobodan Milošević>
He was the
first president of Socialist Republic of Serbia
in Yugoslavia(which occupied 70% of Bosnia) from 1989 to 1997.

He insisted
and lead the
Lots of cruel things happened while the genocide(ethnic cleansing) like
massacre, group rape, and many different kinds of torture
In 1997, he became the president of Yugoslavia and
by a uprising of public in 2000.
This is a flag of Bosnia.
Bosnia war was an
ethnic conflict
to be independent from Yugoslavia.
As the final outcome, Bosnia and Herzegovina
became independent
from Yugoslavia.

However, while the cruel Bosnia War, a lot of people dead by genocide.
Bosnia war is now a
, so it can happen whenever again.
If it happens bigger by
religious problems
, whole Europe can be dangerous.
go to the page before->
http://terms.naver.com/entry.nhn docId=1395588&cid=43025&categoryId=43025
While the Bosnia war, the first president of Socialist Republic of Serbia,
Slobodan Milošević
caused a genocide called
ethnic cleansing

This event's aim was to kill every other people except
. It was really similar with Hitler's
The Holocaust

If peacekeeping forces from UN
could stop
less victim
would appeared.
Also, if Serb
Bosnia's independence and
didn't rise against
, there would be
no war
and became one country out of Yugoslavia.
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