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Pharmacist Prezi

Prep for college and careers

Shruti Patel

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of Pharmacist Prezi

By: Shruti Patel
Employment of pharmacists is expected to increase by 25% from 2010 to 2020.
Job Outlook
Pharmacists held about 275,000 jobs in 2010. Most worked in pharmacies and drug stores. Others were employed by hospitals and by grocery stores and other retail establishments.
This is due to an increase in the number of older people who tend to use more medication.
Specialize in dispensing drugs
Understand and Provide information to patients about their side effects and use.
Maintain records of the drugs they handle.
Must have at least six years of education beyond high school
Students enter four-year programs that result in pharmacy degrees. Students may go on to earn master's degrees or doctorates in specialty areas.
Pharmacy Degrees:
Include courses in mathematics, natural sciences, humanities, and social sciences.
All states expect pharmacists to be licensed. Requirements include a degree from the colleges of pharmacy that shows they are licensed by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education and examinations.
Learning Style
Convergers: 32.5%
Assimilators: 33.7%
Divergers: 21.1%
Career Cluster
Order and store medicines, keeping them safe, pure, and effective.
About two-thirds of all colleges of pharmacy require applicants to take the Pharmacy College Admissions Test.
They are good at making practical applications of ideas and using deductive reasoning to solve problems.

They are capable of creating theoretical models by means of inductive reasoning.

They are imaginative and are good at coming up with ideas and seeing things from different perspectives.[5]
Schools for Pharmacy
Out of state
Out of the Country
Falls under the catagory of Health Sciences
Jobs in the health science career cluster involve planning, managing, and providing diagnostic, therapeutic, supportive, and information and research services in health care.
Healthcare is the largest and fastest-growing industry in the United States. In the Health Science Career Cluster you can prepare for a career that promotes health, wellness and diagnosis, and treats injuries and diseases.
Butler University
Manchester University College of Pharmacy
Purdue College of Pharmacy
Indiana University
University of California–​San Francisco
University of North Carolina–​Chapel Hill
University of Minnesota
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences--Boston - School of Pharmacy
Classes to take in Highschool
Honors English
Algebra 2
French/Spanish/German/other world language
Honors English
Honors World History
Pre Calculus (Honors?)
A.P. Biology
French/Spanish/German/Any other language continued
Honors English
US History (Honors or A.P.?)
A.P. Calculas
A.P. Chemistry
French/Spanish/Geman or other language continued
World Issues/Government (A.P. or Honors?)
A.P. Statistics
A.P. Chemistry II
Human Anatomy
INTJ 22.46%
(I): Tend to be reserved, quiet and have a small circle of close friends.

(N): Prefer abstract concepts and tend to focus on the big picture rather than concrete details.

(F): Place a greater emphasis on personal concerns than objective facts when making decisions.

(J): Like to exert control by planning, organizing and making decisions as early as possible.
Sensitive to the needs of others
Highly creative and artistic
Focused on the future
Values close, deep relationships
Enjoys thinking about the meaning of life
Color Matrix
Greens are always curious. For them, knowledge is power. As children, they are always asking “Why?”
They may enjoy a sport, but once they have mastered it, they may move on to something else. They see the world as a set of systems and are very good at organizing for efficiency.
But even when they have succeeded in making an organization highly efficient, they have difficulty stopping from making further changes.
What Is the most expensive medication?
A. Folotyn
Folotyn (used for a rare type of lymphoma: type of blood cancer that occurs when the white blood cells that form a part of the immune system and help protect the body from infection and disease, begin acting strange)
B. Soliris
Soliris (Treats a rare disorder in which the immune system destroys red blood cells at night. The disorder hits 8,000 Americans.
C. Naglazyme

Pharmacists earned a median annual salary of $113,390 and median hourly wages of $54.51 in 2011.
Self-employed pharmacists must provide their own benefits. Benefits for salaried pharmacists generally include paid holidays and vacations, health insurance, and retirement plans.
Most pharmacist will get benefits like health insurance and retirement plans
Watch Video
What is the most abused over the counter drug?
A. Tylenol
B. Delsym
C. Sudafed
Syringe Bust
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