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Improving Personality

No description

Desiderio IV Camitan

on 1 December 2012

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Transcript of Improving Personality

How many of you can say that there is nothing you want to improve in yourself? Improving Your Personality Personality can be improved. There is more to us than the impression we make on others. Techniques in Improving Personality 1. Realize that improvement is needed. 2. Have a strong motive or desire to improve. 3. Take an inventory or make a checklist of your strong and weak points and of what needs to be improved 4. Have a step-by-step plan for improvement Self Awareness The perception of one’s self, including bodily sensations, actions, and mental processes, as an object of observation and analysis Self Concept Inventory This questionnaire is designed to measure how you feel about yourself. It is not a test, so there are no right or wrong answers. Please answer each item as carefully and accurately as you can by placing a number by each one as follows:
0= Strongly Disagree
1= Disagree
2= Neither agree nor disagree
3= Agree
4= Strongly Agree 1. I have a strong sex appeal.
2. I am proud of my physical figure.
3. I am physically attractive
4. I have charm and poise.
5. I am easy to get along with
6. I can adjust to different people and different situations. 7. I am approachable; others are at ease and comfortable with me.
8. I am loveable and easy to love.
9. I am a fast learner, can understand with one instruction.
10. I am intelligent.
11. I have talents and abilities.
12. I can easily analyze situations and make right judgements. 13. I can be trusted in any transaction.
14. I have a clean conscience and I carry no guilt feelings.
15. I have integrity and good reputation
16. People look up to me and consider me as a role model.
17. I can express my ideas without difficulty.
18. I get people to accept what I say. 19. I can express my ideas in writing without difficulty.
20. I am a good listener.
21. I am emotionally stable.
22. I am logical and rational.
23. I feel and act with confidence.
24. I am a mature person.
Total your scores for each category: 1-4= Physical Appearance
5-8= Human Resources
9-12= Intelligence
13-16= Character
17-20 Communication
21-24= Emotional Maturity

14-16: Strong 10-13: Average 10 and below: Weak
1. Does the score you got in the test reflect the way you see yourself?
2. Are their qualities you consider your weakness but other people consider as your strength?
3. What are your realizations?
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