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Unit 5:Who's Who

Production crew for movies

Paula Hardie

on 1 May 2016

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Transcript of Unit 5:Who's Who

Production Crew
Producers and Directors
The person in charge of the ongoing
aspects of production, for both organization and finances.
Gives interpretation to the shooting of the script
Involved with writing and editing the script
5 Types of Directors, regarding music in a film
1) Does not want to discuss music (limited knowledge and/or interest)

2) Broad musical background (interested in music and use of music in their films)

3) "Know-it-all" (have preconceived ideas of music they want in their films)

4) Quiet but knowledgeable (have a good musical background, but does not talk much about music)

5) "Control Freak" (have concerns about any aspect of the film outside of his/her control)
Music Positions
Music Coordinator
Works with composer or songwriter to create and maintain the budget
Works with contractors to make sure the appropriate number and type of musicians are hired
Music union negotiations
Coordinating the music production team
Score Supervisor
Listens to music as it is being recorded
Makes suggestions and comments to the conductor
Provides quick feedback to the conductor on how the recording sounds
("Scoring Mixer")
Records and mixes the music
Primary technical resource at a recording session
Authority on all technical aspects of the recording session
Works closely with composers and songwriters
Familiar with current recording technology
Hires musicians for the recording session
Known as "fixers" in other parts of the world
Schedules studio time
Makes sure musicians are paid and receive appropriate breaks
Handle musicians' union paperwork and ensures union rules are followed
Sound Designer
Designs and creates sounds (typically non-musical sounds)
For example, explosions, footsteps, weapons
Synth Programmer
Works with the composer and songwriters to create sound modules that enable high-quality sounds
Familiar with programming modules useable by composers and songwriters
May provide information regarding studio setup, audio equipment purchase
"Music Prep" or "Copying"
Process of preparing the musical "charts" (pieces) the musicians will read
Parts are taken from the score (either handwritten or computer-generated) and made easy to read for the musician
"Copyist" is a person who does the music preparation and copying work
Music Editor
Tracks and manages the pieces of music used in the production
Commonly works with creating the "temp track"
Music used to accompany the movie before the actual music is written or selected
Even though it is not the official music, the ideas used on a Temp Track can influence the actual score
Copyist: someone who copies and prepares the music
Temp Track: music created to play along with the film prior to the actual music that will be used
Music Supervisor
Negotiation and licensing of outside music for a film
Record contracts for soundtrack album
Publishing deals for film's music
Important role in selecting outside music
Role in hiring and supervising score composer
Studio Musician
Performs the music written by the composer
Film Composer
Composes original music for the film
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