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No description

Andrew Wisdom

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Ireland

Ireland by Andrew Wisdom Green = Catholic; Orange = Protestants; and white is the union of both. Flag and Currency The Euro is the currency of Europe it was created in Jan. 1, 1999 $1 = 1.34 euros The flag was made on Jan. 21, 1919 Traveling To Ireland Language -Irish is the official language, but English is commonly used Tip: You should leave your passport in a secure location "A Thousand Welcomes" Religion=Roman Catholic Population=4,722,028 Ireland is a small European island The north-west part of the island is owned by The United Kingdom Population and Religion Ireland has lots of beautiful landscapes and old castles... Business Hours
(Making Appointments) Business Dress Proper colors: white, tan, beige, black, gray and navy blue. Proper type of clothing: slacks, button-up shirts, ties. Fabrics should be wool or tweed: Offices: Mon to Fri: 9:00Am - 4:00PM Banks:
Mon - Fri: 10:00AM - 4:00PM (in main cities, it's one day a week to 5:00PM) Stores:
Mon to Sat: 9:00AM - 6:00PM
(On Thur and Fri until 8:00PM) in Irish Good: Bad: Debates are entertaining Talk about sports Ireland's history Talking boastfully Don't Criticize them Talking about immigrants Topics Of
Conversation Addressing Others -First names are used in personal and business greetings Using a Professional Title is Not Recommended "Yer Wan" for females A Common Greeting "Yer man" for males "Ireland Forever" Éire go deo Tá míle fáilte Acceptable Not Acceptable Acceptable Behavior Shake hands at the start and end of a meeting Don't pat or hug other men in public Breaking Eye Contact when being spoken to... Opening doors for your superior All in all just remain friendly,relaxed, and modest But this is acceptable in sports Gift Giving A book from your home region, or wine. Thoughtful choice is considered more important than the cost of the gift. But gift giving is not generally part of Irish business culture Flowers, Chocolates, or a craft from your home region. Good Gifts Good Gifts Cont. (But u cant take wine on the plane) Keep in Mind... Negotiating & Entertaining Rugby is considered a manly sport to play and is fairly popular Besides different sports entertainment is similar to the U.S. Expect a deal to take time Speak plainly and expect to be taken literally. Silence will be taken as rudeness Dinning Ireland's Best Col cannon Irish Stew Soda Bread Ireland consumes more potatoes then any other country Col Cannon Irish Stew a pot of every meat and veggie available Soda Bread Great, especially with Irish Stew MC #1 What is the currency used in Ireland? A. Dollar B. Euro C. Rube D. Pound Answer: B MC #2 What vegetable to they eat the most of? A. Lettuce B. Carrots C. Potatoes D. Artichoke The Euro Answer: C Potatoes MC #3 What is Ireland's main religion? A. Muslim B. Methodist C. Hinduism D. Roman Catholic Answer: D.
Roman Catholic MC #4 What does "Green" stand for on the Irish Flag? A. The love of pickles B. Catholic C. The phobia of a common
secondary color C. Protestant Answer: B
Catholic MC #5 Which is most popular in Ireland? A. Great Britain B. Patting on the Back C. Rugby D. Segway Polo Answer: D
Rugby True/False 1. Ireland is a island? 2. Irish love to be criticized? 3. Irish finish deals fast? 4. The Irish own all of the island? 5. Irish like potatoes? Answers:
#1 true
#2 false
#3 false
#4 false
#5 true Short Answer 1. Describe an Irish Stew. 2. What are the colors on the irish flag (in the right order)? 3. What are two acceptable conversation topics? Answer#2: First green then white after that orange Answer #1: A stew made from any meat and veggies available. Answer #3: Sports and Irish history Conclusion Their currency is Euro 1.34 = $1 Customs and Cultures Traditional cultures with a Roman Catholic background Visiting Currency I want to visit Ireland for the magnificent land scape and the nice seashore Everything Done by Andrew Wisdom
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