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Global Competency Certificate Program

No description

Christa Caggiano

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of Global Competency Certificate Program

Global Competency Certificate Program Christa Caggiano International Club Member since 2010

Favorite annual celebration was Dia de Los Muertos (Mexican sugar skull pictured at left)

Demonstrated the universality of human society- no matter where one is life and death are still celebrated IB Spanish 4/5 Studied Spanish since seventh grade, currently in IB Spanish 5

Has developed my interest in Spanish culture- especially Spanish radio

Spanish 4 project on el radio hispano lead me to a continued love of Los40
http://www.los40.com/ Attend a Foreign Film I watched the extremely powerful Stoning of Soraya M, a Farsi foreign film

The unapologetic- and heart wrenching- portrayal brought to light issues I did not know existed in Iran

Began my interest in Islamic Women's Studies, and particularly my examination of how a Western perspective can taint my understanding of other cultures

IB history thesis- What were the causes and effects of the changes to the sociopolitical rights of Iranian women in post-revolutionary era Iran? Museum Exhibit: Race- Does it Exist? Exhibit developed my perception of race, and really lead me to the conclusion race does not exist

Influences my beliefs and will irrevocably alter the way I see race, especially as I prepare to attend a very diverse college Penpal My penpal is Edouard Nicol, who was the Rennes foreign exchange student of my friend

We mostly talk about French politics- it is extremely interesting to hear French views of America, and to explore how French politics are depicted in the American media "Yes, I’m conservative, but in France we don’t say this, we say we are in right/ “à droite”, because there is some parties in the Right, but the most popular is the UMP (I don’t know if you saw the stupid problem between F.Fillon and J.F Copé for the presidency of the party, but I’m for Copé, because he is more dynamic than Fillon (He is like Hollande about his behavior spineless)). The FN (Front National) is very right, but he says ideas that a lot of people don’t want to say. But this party has some bad ideas about economy. There is also some center parties, and after the Left, the PS (Parti Socialiste, with Hollande), the EELV party (Ecologist party, with members raving mad, they want to return at the “Stone Age”, besides Cecile Duflot is a minister!), and the PC, the Parti Communiste." Volunteering at Primary
Spanish Club Typically I did hands on vocabulary stations

Presented on Mexico

Consistently amazed at the power of language in kid's lives- they picked up vocabulary much more quickly than I could when I began in 7th grade Mehndi and Danse Bacchanale Researched Mehndi, a piece from Rajasthani region of India

Researched Danse Bacchanale, my favorite Western classical piece

Blogged about the similarities and differences in the music:

http://dansemehndi.tumblr.com/page/3 Piece for Solo Violin- A composition based on the Hungarian music tradition Gypsy music has been intriguing to me since my 4th grade orchestra teacher introduced me to Bela Bartok

Inspired me to create a piece based off this tradition

Global Citizenship Conference Attended the last two years

In years past I have attended Indian Rituals and Traditions, Religion and Media, Non-violence and Communication

Has been such a transformative experience, challenged my perceptions of other religions- and I now believe that talking about religion should not be a taboo, but an empowering force to shape culture One Hundred Years of Solitude Read works of Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Really important in my understanding of Spanish culture and especially the language

Has taught me to become a lifelong lover of Hispanic literature, especially works in magical realism

Also illustrates how similar humanity is- we all want the same basic things

Thesis: While Wuthering Heights and One Hundred Years of Solitude are from different languages and literary traditions, both have recurring themes of isolation as the cause of each work's respective themes of incest, atheism, and cyclicism. Museum Visit: The works of Pablo Picasso I have always been interested in the art of Picasso

Seeing it in person is more informative artistically and culturally, allows a greater understanding of the work as a whole

Visit allowed me to understand the importance of the arts in understanding a culture
African Drumming Concert Attended an African drumming percussion concert at the Fredonia School of Music

Made me fall in love with African drumming and exploring the music of other cultures- so unlike anything I had seen before

Internship: Laboratory for Laser Energetics Research: The fabrication and characterization of radially and azimuthally polarized beams through photoaligned liquid crystals

Published in LLE's house journal and presented at OLUG, a scientific conference

Research adviser French, a variety of races, cultures, and religious traditions at LLE- I felt sufficiently prepared to enter an international work environment
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