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Symbols & Motifs - Lord of the Flies

No description

Lisa Dao

on 26 May 2011

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Transcript of Symbols & Motifs - Lord of the Flies

Symbols & Motifs William Golding Lord of the Flies The Conch The conch shell is used to bring order and civilisation to the people.
It symbolises the democracy among the tribe, firstly when Ralph is elected chief and then when it is used to call meetings. Piggy and The Spectacles With the breaking of the conch, comes the destruction of order in society. This results in chaos on the island. Piggy's spectacles are used for his eyesight but is also used to alight the signal fire.
Glasses symbolise in some cases wisdom and knowledge, and when put with Piggy himself in this story displays how much more insight and knowledge he has than the other boys. By: Lisa Dao &
Mary Kouventaris This picture shows co-operation and order, what the boys could do when they worked together. The conch shows this because the conch called them together and they were able to put their ideas together. This picture displays the chaos and loss of order at the destruction of the conch. Hope you enjoyed it The use of the conch was like putting the pieces of a puzzle together. When all ideas are put together and the boys' hard work adds up, they can do or get what they need. This is a good picture to represent Piggy and his spectacles because the way Piggy is so wise and was the one to have the bright ideas that could lead them to rescue is like a little light in the darkness.
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