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Ksenia Orekhova

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of AMICAL

Internship I Report

Mamadshoeva Dilya
Orekhova Ksenia
Talipova Meerim

What is AMICAL
Acquired skills
In order to find new members of the community and to
extend the existing informational database, the AMICAL organized research among member institutions.

In the American University of Central Asia this research was hold by sociology department.
to find out about faculty members' experience of working with different libraries
to find out how good faculty members are informed about AMICAL Consortium
to know more about faculty's experience working with AUCA library
Qualitative research
In-depth interview
Stratified &
Random sampling
Appointments with respondents
Unawareness of faculty about AMICAL
gained experience of
writing a research proposal
work out questionnaires
taking an in-depth interviews
age barrier

Implement theory into practice
In June 13, 2013 on 10th Annual AMICAL conference the report of the research was presented
Find out what resources are used by the university staff and the way they get it.

Find out awareness of the teaching staff about the services of the library and whether professors use them or not. If yes, what are the exact services teachers use.
Find out attitude of the staff about university library and receive some recommendations how to change and make it better.
Find out whether the professors share databases with their students.
Find out their perception of the ideal library from all perspectives.
American International Consortium of Academic Libraries
an international consortium of American-model, liberal arts institutions of higher learning.
Founded in 2004
collaboration for mutual benefit and to support the advancement of learning and teaching.
more info: .amicalnet.org
Thank You!
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