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No description

Hoda Abdalla

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Security


CREATED BY: Hoda Abdalla, Mark Padecky, Warren Harding, & Milim Lee
TEAM: Forty Foot Pigeon
SAN Backups
Real-Time Replication of Data Between Multiple Data Centers
Global Traffic Direction
SANs Backups & Tape Backup
Real-Time Replication of Data Between Multiple Data Centers
Wavelengths with Hardware Encryptors
Variable Speed Hardware Encryptors
Able to perform “Frame, IP Packet, or Payload Only” encryption
Encrypted data can still be intercepted and modified. Hardware encryptors add additional “constant” authentication of the data stream to ensure that not only is the data secure, but so is the communication of that data.
Wavelength Prices Falling
TeleGeography reported that between Q4 2009 and Q4 2012, prices for 10Gbps wavelength circuits fell 37%, while OC-3 circuits (155Mbps) fell 10%
Higher bandwidth connections are starting to appear (40Gbps, 100Gbps), but 10Gbps is expected to be the standard for the next few years.
Citrix Global Load Balancing Solution
Used between geographically distributed locations
Uses Companies internal DNS for directing client requests
Built off single internal CNAME
Cisco DR Plan
Please see the board for a detailed drawing from Mark Padecky
VPN vs. Wavelengths
Adding Vmware to replace physical servers
SANs is now the single point of failure
Full vs. Incremental
Performance & Reliability
Data Management
Tape Backups
No True Disaster Recovery Plan
Never Sync’d Data Centers

Availability the Cornerstone of Disaster Recovery
Performance & Reliabiltiy
Data Management
Global Load Balance with DR Pairs
DNS 101:
A(AAAA) Record:
Returns a IP Address from a host name

: Alias of one name to another: the DNS look up will continue by retrying the look up with the new name.
Only Two Roles; Active and Passive
Internal Web Interface
No need to engage Network team after initial setup
Round Robin; Weighted
What is load balancing?
Data up to one year old has a 10-15% failure rate, and the failure rate of data five or more years old is 40-45%.
77% organizations who tested their tape backup and found failures.

Disk has a multitude of reliability and protection elements that are built-in and commonly used like RAID and automated error checking.

With tape requiring 6,300 cartridges to protect 42 TB over the course of a year.

A duplication disk storage system would need only 2 TB.
With backup data reduced to its raw essentials, data is even more easily transferred over a network to a disk system at a disaster recovery site.
How do we connect two sites in geographically distinct regions?
How do we secure the data flow between these two sites?

Inter-Datacenter Connectivity
Proposed Inter-Datacenter Connectivity
How can we best offer speed and security for International Datacenter Connectivity?
Business Practices for Sustainable Data Centers (from microsoft)
resource utilization
quality through policy
management through change
understand application workload
Right-size your server platforms to meet your application requirements
Evaluate and test servers for performance, power, and total cost of ownership
Converge on as small a number of stock-keeping units (SKUs) as you ca
Take advantage of competitive bids from multiple manufacturers to foster innovation and reduce costs
Reduction in capital expenditures
Decrease in real estate, power, and cooling costs
Faster time to market for new products and services
Reduction in outage and maintenance windows
VPN vs Wavelength Cost Comparison
Internet only pricing would range from $30,000 to $50,000 per month

VPN over the internet for 1 year
Telegeography would cost $43,800 for a Hong Kong to Los Angeles 10 Gbps wavelength.
Certes CEP10G Encryptor lists for $60,000 per chassis with a 10 Gbps license.
On a typical 5 year refresh cycle, the monthly cost would work out to be $45,800 per month.

Wavelength with Hardware encryptors
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