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Relevance of Fahrenheit 451 to the 1950s

No description

Kristin Oxford

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Relevance of Fahrenheit 451 to the 1950s

Foundation Drive New Technology McCarthyism Results of the 1950s Core The core issue during the fifties was the fear McCarthy created, which caused extreme editing and the Cold War. At the root of the book Bradbury emphasizes the theme of suppression, or the restrictions of published or broadcast material. Bradbury was driven to write a book about suppression because it followed what American society was experiencing in the 1950s. Relevance of Fahrenheit 451 to the 1950s The Blacklist The censorship of media, paranoia, and lack of self-expression lead to the dark, intense mood in Fahrenheit 451.
wars in foreign countries
lack of self-identity
nuclear threat KRISTIN OXFORD Colored Television A trend of indulgence was noted when the average American family began watching more and more television. The Us Senator Joseph McCarthy created a list of screen writers, actors, directors, musicians, and other US entertainment authorities that he claimed were communist without any real evidence. This gave life to an age of paranoia called McCarthyism. Cold War McCarthy & Media Citizens were filled with anxiety of a communist overhaul because McCarthy took advantage of the media boom and circulated the blacklist everywhere. The Cold War entailed TENSION between the USSR & US, but no direct fighting. Quote "There must be something in books, things we can't imagine, to make a woman stay in a burning house; there must be something there. You don't stay for nothing"(pg 48). This quote shows how confusing the 1950s were. During the Cold War Americans thoughts were considered dangerous. People would stand up for what was right and be punished/blamed for it. Vietnam War This war served as a host of the communist vs. anti-communist tension between the Us & USSR. The Us supported South Vietnam. The USSR supported North Vietnam. McCarthyism also gave birth to a time of extreme editing in media outlets. TV Trends Editing lead to lack of integrity in TV shows. Irony Many books fell victim to extreme editing, including Fahrenheit 451, which had a message against this censorship.
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