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No description

Yusrizal Sebenar

on 9 January 2013

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Multimedia Project
Proposal Who Are We ? ROWJAX MEDIA PREVIOUS PROJECT Project Objective Rowjax Media is company that try to create a new phenomenon in local the Multimedia industry. Rowjax Media creating a new branding where our customer determine our design direction and be a trust full brand that the quality beyond customer expectation. Base at Multimedia University Rowjax Media is trying to make a different in the advertising industry.
Date ending Dismember 2012:

oWebsites Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia
oWebsites Kementerian Pertahanan Malaysia
oEvent – Himpunan Sejuta Belia

oIkea Malaysia New year souvenir
oPrinting - Jusco year end sales
oWebsites – My Mum Chicken Rice Linda Onn

oVideographer - Khairul Fahmi Wedding •To build an interactive and effective medium to promote Padono Malaysia

•To build an E Commerce medium for Padono Malaysia to deal Business

•To provide information to the public around the world regarding Padono Sales and Services.

•Creating dual communication between Padono Malaysia and their customer over the internet

•Putting an exclusive standart to Padono Malaysia in term of technological enhancement in sales and services PROJECT DISCRIPTIONS Websites Brochure Business Card

The program is targeted for all age groups with emphasis on the teenagers/young adults (ages 10 to 16 Years) and youths (ages 17to 40 Years). Several events are targeted for specific age groups and genders that do business with Padono Malaysia.
With the advance and proposed solution, Padono Malaysia is looking at a solution that could help improve their sales and services by implementing advance technological and sophisticated multimedia in the business.
As Padono Malaysia one of most popular woman apparel distributor in Malaysia, we anticipating a 1 Million user online user and 200 000 walk in customer to attend trough out the year. With the planned phases and advertising via the proposed solution. Targeted Demographic Targeted Reach Comparative advantage Project Time Line Gannt Chart Budget Costing Presented By Rowjax Media Yusrizal Ome Pravina Eyfa Aristotle "The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance. "

Q & A ? Your Multimedia Solution
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