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Leadership Initiative

No description

Sarah Scheer

on 2 July 2014

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Transcript of Leadership Initiative

Situation Impacting
Student Achievement
Student achievement in science
on the Kentucky Performance Rating for Educational Progress
(K-PREP) tests did
not meet school expectations

What could be some factors contributing to low student achievement in science?

CSIP (Comprehensive School Improvement Plan)
87% of Fourth grade students will demonstrate proficiency in the Kentucky Core Content in Science as measured by K-PREP (Kentucky Performance Rating for Educational Progress) test.
Strategy One/Best Practices
-Grade-specific content vocabulary will be taught in all classrooms, as specified, but not limited to, the vocabulary listed in JCPS Curriculum Maps.
School Report Card
Science K-PREP Results
CSIP Goal 87%
Actual 75.8%
Adaptation of Structure
School Wide Adoption of Initiative

10 minutes
of daily
instruction will be dedicated to explicit

Teachers will utilize
Marzano's Six Steps
The Frayer Model
in their science vocabulary instruction.
Teacher Adjustments
Staff Communication

Marzano's Six Steps
The Frayer Model

http://www.adlit.org/strategies/22369/ (Frayer)

PLC time provided for Tier II and III content specific word list and assessment creation
Teacher Follow-Up
n the classroom
(teacher created common assessment in PLC) - data analysis

Vocabulary instruction
and feedback meetings once per unit (completed by administration or peers)

Students will be able to achieve or higher on Science Vocabulary assessment.
1. Beginning 2014-2015 School Year:
Prior knowledge of Marzano's 6 Steps of Vocabulary Instruction and The Frayer Model
2. 1st year during implementation
3. End of year

: Administration, Teachers and Students

Next Steps:
September 2015 compare results K-PREP Scores (2013-2014 to 2014-2015) and analyze effectiveness of Vocabulary Initiative.
Words are the key to success!
Leadership Initiative and Audit
CJ Rush, Maygan Echsner and Sarah Scheer
After analysis of the K-PREP scores, the Instructional Leadership Team agreed that content specific vocabulary instruction was necessary to increase student achievement.

This initiative will propose a vocabulary plan that will be implemented in Science instruction across all grades.

Bloom Vocabulary Initiative & Audit
Aug. '14 Jan. '15 May '15
Mid-Year & End-Year Audit
How to implement:
Science Notebooks

The Frayer Model
Marzano's 6 Steps of Vocabulary Instruction
Teacher Lead
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