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What would happen if the red light was never invented.

Research Project.

Kayleigh Lude

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of What would happen if the red light was never invented.

What would the world be like if the RED light had never been invented? The Red Light. Why were certain colors chosen? You may ask why certain colors were chosen for the stop light over others, they were not just random colors there WAS a reasoning behind the colors. How were they run? What were roads like before stop lights? My conclusion. The first traffic lights were run a lot differently than the ones that we have now adays. They used to be run by a lever, now they are run by a timer. And the timer can be changed from miles away. Virginia was the first state to install a tripping device for fire trucks. It sends a signal to the light to change to green. Once the truck has gone by it goes back to the regular system. Some places even have sensor signals in the ground On Jan. 2nd 1869 the first traffic light exploded injuring the policeman who was opperating it. Before stop lights every intersection had to have a policeman at it. If the stoplight didn't exist the roaads would not be nearly as safe as they are today, because of all the technology we have today that they did not have before it was invented such as timers inside the lights, being able to change the timers throughout the day and being able to run it from miles away. We also have cars today unlike back then when we didn't need stoplights because we didn't have cars. Emergency vehicles had to stop for lights which lost precious time. The timers inside them account for the speed limit of a street. They are timed to make braking safe. Police officers were stationed at every intersection. They used to display words instead of colors. The first stoplight was made in 1868. Green was chosen for go because it is relxing and reminds people of nature. Red is used as stop because it symbolises blood. And yellow reminds people of the sun The three colors in the stoplight have meanings such as... And yellow was chosen for caution or prepare to stop because it symbolized the sun. And red was chosen as STOP!!!!! because it reminded people of BLOOD!!! My Bibilography I decided to turn my bibliograhpy into an Imovie
I hope you enjoy.
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