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Real Life as a Developer

No description

Kevin Groke

on 4 March 2015

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Transcript of Real Life as a Developer

Real Life as a Developer
Project Scale
Largest project?
Largest team you've been on?
Longest project?
Code Comments:
Other people will be looking at this code in five years - or worse, you could be.
Work Hard
Do more than the minimum
Be positive
Be thankful for work
Tackle the hardest or most visible part of the project first
Spend 5-10% analyzing the problem and how you will solve it
Try a few things, then ask for help
Stay organized, use a todo list
Take Initiative
All projects have a first line of code
or - You Don't Know Anything Yet
Classes 10,112 16 Years Old
Code Lines 3,138,828 ~40 Developers
Comment Lines 1,139,497
Files 14,116
Functions 168,675
Lines 5,286,397
SciTools Understand
This is the #1 problem we see with new hires
#2 problem we see with new hires
Why not write it now?
Procrastination makes everything worse.
Have initiative, be assertive
#3 New hire problem
Kevin Groke
Natasha Standar
Heidi Esplin
You may be working with this person for years
You cost them a lot of money; let them know what you are up to.
Could this be taken the wrong way? Does it make me look like an idiot?
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