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Brandon Lee Kayla Eickholt S

No description

Mike Graham

on 13 January 2017

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Transcript of Brandon Lee Kayla Eickholt S

Where popcorn comes from
Popcorn is fluffy and tastes good but have you ever thought about where it comes from?It comes from a plant called zea mays everta.
its a yummy ingredient
there is not just one flavor of popcorn like caramel.And caramel corn is what cracker jack likes popcorn is in cracker jack.
K-pop is a abbreviation for Korean popcorn it is related to pop music
Savannah Griffith,Brandon Lee,Kayla Eickholt

when popcorn was descoverd !
popcorn is a speacial type of corn. it was descoverd about 7,000 years ago in peru.
Where did the word "popped corn" come from?
The word popped corn first appeared in John Russel Barley's 1848 dictionary of Americanism.
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