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The World's First Humanoid robot

David Lujan

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of ASIMO

Advanced Step In Innovative Mobility ASIMO Asimo USE Hand Functions Advantages & Disadvantages His Sensors Impacts ASIMO performs daily tasks around the house that
Most humans cannot perform. For examle ASIMO can pick up objects and bring them to you by a simple command. This robot is used in houses for people with disabilities. There is also a cafe where ASIMO is the waiter that takes your order and brings it to you. ASIMO can pick up objects and carry them to a different place. Some creators have programmed them to be able to cut and throw small items. ASIMO has sensors all over his body, some
sensors are located in his face like his "eyes" he has
video cameras that can identify different faces from different people, he also has sensors on his foot that
has a 6-axis foot area sensor. finally he has sensors on his torso that can detect objects in front of him
that may stop him from reaching his target. The Bad thing about using ASIMO to complete a task is that it takes him a while to complete the task. This robot was intended to be used as a robot that can help people with disabilities. This robot can simulate human movements in walking, running, and reaching for things. ASIMO has a total number of 34 degrees of freedom all, around his body ASIMO working at a cafe. The good thing about him is that he can at least complete the task. For example don't you just hate it when you want change the channel on the T.V., but you left the remote in the kitchen and you're too lazy to go and get it? No problem call ASIMO and he can do it in a jiffy. In the future ASIMO will be able to work at nuclear power plants and work in the ocean to help clean up oil spills. NASA is thinking about using ASIMO as an astronaut. hello By: David Lujan, Zachary Cho, Kayla Sameshima, Kassra Salari Jobs Making ASIMO has made many countless jobs for people in different areas. For example, because of ASIMO people like software engineers, graphic design engineers, and electronic engineers all have a part in the making of ASIMO. Some people are trying to make ASIMO better than what it is now by adding new things to it. Controls ASIMO can be used with four methods:
•Wireless controller (with a joystick)
•Voice commands
or using 802.11 wireless technology and a laptop or desktop computer, you can control ASIMO as well as see what ASIMO sees. His hands have independent opposable
thumbs, allowing it to carry different types
of objects. He can carry 10 oz. in each hand,
and up to 2.2 pounds with both.
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