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How to write a Research Paper

9 steps to write the perfect research paper

ashley southward

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of How to write a Research Paper

How to write a research paper First you need to find a topic.
Finding a topic can be difficult. Things to think of
when looking for a topic are:
What subjects are you interested in?
What interestes you the most about particualr subjects?
Is there anything that you wonder about or are puzzeled about with this topic?

Look for sources of information.
Use different sorts of sources to get information:
Magazines Read the sources and take notes.
Keep all of the records that you take from
books, magazines, and the internet so you can
cite it throughout your paper.
Notes are important, make sure you write enough
information out so you can get all the ideas you need.'
Organize your ideas.
After you organize your notes
put all of your thoughts together
and make an outline of everything
you made notes about.
Write down all your main ideas.
List the subordinate ideas below the main idea.
Avoid any reputition of ideas.
Write the rough draft.
Every essay is made up of three parts
Introductions: The first part of the paper. This is where
you tell your audiance about your general idea of what the
paper is going to be about, and ends with more specific statments.
Body: The body is the paragraphs between the introduction and
conclusion. This is where you tell your main ideas.
Conclusion: The last paragraph of the paper. This is where you
summarize your points, and restate your main point of the paper.

Add footnotes and endnotes
Go through your paper and cite where ever you
used someone eles idea at.
EX: I do not like green eggs and ham (Dr. Seuss, 1)

Write a bibliography.
This is a list of your citations that you used
in your paper. There are steps you have to use
they have to be in alphabetical order
by authors last name A-Z. You will need
- Last name, First name. Title of book. City:
Publisher, publication date. Revise your rough draft.
Go through your paper, re-read it.
See if you can find any mechanical errors.
Then read it out loud to someone, and then let
someone read it themselve.
Proofread final draft.
Look through for common
mistakes capitization, and grammer
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