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Thomas Jefferson V.S Charles Pinckney

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Mr. Parke

on 8 November 2016

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Transcript of Thomas Jefferson V.S Charles Pinckney

Thomas Jefferson V.S
Charles Pinckney
By:Grace Fortunato

What Where Their Parties?
Thomas Jefferson's party was a Democratic-Republican Party.

Charles Pinckney was a Federalist Party.

Thomas Jefferson and Charles Pinckney ran against eachother in year 1804.
What's the Democratic-Republican Party?
The democratic republican party was formed by thomas jefferson and a few other people who believed in a democratic government. This party was elsblished to oppose federalists who supported and pushed through ratification.
What's a Federalist?
The Federalist Party was the first American political party. It existed from the early 1790s to 1816; its remnants lasted into the 1820s.
Electoral Votes
Thomas Jefferson won with 162 electoral votes and his popular vote was 104,110.The percentage of votes is 72.8%.

Charles Pinckney lost with 14 electoral votes with 38,919 popular votes. His percentage of votes was 27.2%.
Thomas Jefferson V.S Charles Pinckney
Ratification is the official way to confirm something, usually by vote.
Thomas Jefferson
Charles Pinckney
Issues in 1804
A big issue in 1804 is that slavery was still happening. Slavery didn't end until December 6th, 1863. Many people think that Thomas Jefferson was supportive of slavery but others think he ran for president to stop slavery.
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