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Copy of Copy of Copy of Blended learning Design

No description

Michael Carroll

on 3 July 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Copy of Blended learning Design

The LOOK of a BPP Centre in 5 Years........?
The requirements
of desirable locations:

Development of the UK & Ireland Centre Portfolio
Presented by:
Clare Grant
Caroline Lister
Liz Larner
Michael Carroll

Reasons for more extensive use of Technology Enhanced Learning
The Secondary Role of a Centre is Business Development
We need to flip the classroom model and be FLEXIBLE with space and the use of that space e.g using centres as exam venues
All centres should consider including a space

Key factors in deciding location:
With the CHANGING ROLE of the centre......

Does BPP require the same number of centres?
City centre prime real estate?
The ability for students
to be able to park?
Good transport links?
Location can have a
impact on how a centre performs
Primary role is teaching:
Blended Learning
In conclusion
Ways in which a BPP centre adds value to the student experience...
Revision Days
1-to-1's With Tutors
Career Advice
The footprint of a centre must reduce by 50%, resulting in BPP occupying smaller buildings
After interviewing a number of key stakeholders, it is clear that BPP is already undergoing a definite shift from face-to-face to blended learning and this will continue at a pace over the next 5 years....
Collaboration areas...
Shared IT Capabilities.....
This will include:
Appearance is key: innovative and aesthetically appealing
The fit-out for new BPP centres should allow for a
retail/ shop window
element at ground level
.. Then we can market the brand and attract students to the new centres
All centres to place a greater
emphasis on the quality of
First impressions
Shorter leases may lead to
higher premiums/
rent payments...
We would have
the option to vacate unprofitable centres
Break clauses
will give us much
more flexibility
Teaching Rooms
Marketing Suites
Client Meeting
Exam Sitting
The "traditional" centre model of large tutor areas with a high number of classrooms that are often under-utilised must change
Centres will have a

Drop-in centres /Pop-up centres are the future of BPP
Ireland and Scotland.....
BPP centres must reflect a flexible learning environment....
This type of Centre could work well in a variety of different locations
- Competitive advantage over other providers
- Local client base
- Transport links
Our findings to date indicate an intention to reduce the number of centres!
High Street Location
Commercial District
Work must be done on increasing the
There are other effective ways of increasing Brand Awareness.....
Length of the lease?
Mixed use of buildings
Centres to have a licence for Educational use
Where should new BPP centres be situated?
Are there any location
opportunities that the current footprint misses?
Are there any centres that should close?
The future of centres in
Wales, Scotland and Ireland......
Drop in centres?
Lessons Learned form closing in Ireland?
Recommendations from our Analysis:
Flexibility of BPP centres across BPP programmes
Why we need to be flexible...
We have a broad range of UC and PQ students - All with different needs!
Undergrads and UC
students like to
... There is also a greater need for pastoral care on Undergrad programmes
Evolving Faculty Roles and Emerging Spaces
Common areas are important...
HOWEVER PQ students little pastoral care!
Demand is moving away from
Face-to-Face and towards
Blended Learning........
The result is:
There will be less
need for a tutors presence onsite
Whether the students
are U.G or P.G....
Less demand for traditional
teaching in the classroom
By being flexible with our space, we can cater for:
We are moving towards
24hour tutor coverage
for a world wide audience!
We need to focus on
a centre
Learner Choice
Changing Faculty Roles
Space Supports Effective Learning
Re-coding Learner Space
- The role of a BPP centre
Proximity to clients
- Look of a BPP centre in 5 years
- Location, location, location...
- Flexibility is key
Utility Experience
The answer:
Use classroom/office space LESS and VANTA space MORE....
- Group work
- Revision classes
- More online teaching
- One-to-One sessions
(Simon Atkinson, March 2013)
This will help create
If we half our office space...
In FIVE years we will save

£ xxxxx
Pop Up's in places such as Oxford will help us achieve this
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