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causes of Texas statehood


Lauren Miller

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of causes of Texas statehood

by: Lauren, Jenya, Baylee, Lucia, Madi, Sarah Causes of TEXAS Statehood Economic problems including large debt. How Texas came to be annexed. Many Texans supported annexation, such as:
Sam Houston and Anson Jones. And, that Texas wanted US Military Support. in 1836 The Election of 1830 was the answer of Texas annexation.
The Northerners opposed of the annexation while people in the South were all for it. People in the US feared that the annexation would bring war with Mexico. John Tyler waited 3 days until going to sign a resolution of the annexation of Texas, in order to pave the way for the growing republic. Despite the peace attempts, the Mexican War began in 1846, because of the US' new found border disputes. Texas annexation dates back to December 29, 1846 The matter of Texas annexation became an international concern between 1836-1845 when Texas was a Republic. Part of the reason that Texas was annexed was so the US could have more land. 2. All power will be shared with the government. Annexation became an issue in 1844. James Polk was elected, and he favored the annexation. He went to a joint revolution offering Texas statehood on certain conditions The End. Texas was also annexed due to the popularity of the idea
(in Texas) some reasons are. . . There were several conditions to the Texas annexation, stated by the US. 1. The Republic of Texas, may be erected into a new State, to be called the State of Texas, with a republican form of government, adopted by the people of this republic, with consent of the existing government. 3. when admitted into the United States all public edifices, fortifications, barracks, forts and harbors, navy and navy-yards, docks, magazines, and armaments, and all other means pertaining to the public defense belonging to the said republic, will now be property of the government, as well as state. 4. The part of Texas south of 36° 30' N. lat., commonly known as the Missouri Compromise line, shall be admitted into the Union, with or without slavery, as the people of each State asking annexation desire, and in states formed out of territory north of the Missouri Compromise line, slavery or involuntary servitude (except for crime) will be prohibited. In the Resolution Of The Annexation of Texas, the US stated several rules that had to be met when Texas became a state. . . That is how Texas came to be annexed to the United States of America, On December 29, 1845. That is how Texas came to be annexed to the United States of America, on December, 29, 1845.
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