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Victorian Era Project

Rich, Class, Gender Issues

Karina Cota

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Victorian Era Project

Men were dominant over women, they took care of bringing home the "bacon" and making sure everything is in order.

Women on the other hand were considered "inferior", and did not have a voice. They could not vote and had to do everything their husbands advised them to do. They took care of the household and were basically the "stay at home moms" as you would say.

Class The Upper Class: Wealth came from inherited land or
investments, usually part of the nobility or church.

The Middle Class: Only men provided income, usually
would come on monthly basis.

Lower Class: Working class including women and
children. Often lived in crowded spaces with poor living conditions. They had poor hygiene, with little or no education. They also didn't participate in social events. Examples! :) The Rich $$$$$ Usually of royal families such as from Britain and Europe.

These people were usually the ones riding up in Mercedes and such.

Also were usually the nobility, or "peerage", such as dukes, viscounts, and earls.

Extra Info Marriage was NOT an option. Usually once a woman was married there was no turning back with no rights. She had to stick to her husband and follow his every wishes just to please him.

Women would lose all possessions once married, and all would be inherited by their husband.

An unmarried woman would inherit money and property at the age of 21.

The husband made ALL decisions. Work Cited :) www.class.ufl.edu
www.google/victorianera The Rich, Class, & Gender Issues Victorian Era Gender Issues
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