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Helen Adam Keller

No description

Megan Nitsch

on 27 October 2014

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Transcript of Helen Adam Keller

Helen Adams Keller
Helen Adams Keller
When she was 19 months old she
became ill with Scarlet fever that
made her blind and deaf.
Helen Adams Keller
June 27, 1880
Born in Tuscumbia, Alabama
On March 3, 1887 she met Anne Sullivan. She dies in her sleep
June 1, 1968.
Helen Adams Keller
She entered Cambridge School for Young Ladies in 1898. She entered Radcliffe college in 1900, she received a Bachelor of arts degree in 1904. She begin a writing career, writing a autobiography called "The Story of My Life"
Helen Adams Keller
She joined the AFB (American Foundation for the Blind) where she worked for 40 years. She often visited the veteran's hospitals for soldiers when they return from duty during World War 2.
She will never marry.
Helen Adams Keller

Helen and young cook Martha Washington made their own sign language to communicate, by age 7 they had created more than 60 signs. Ane and Helen worked together for 49 years. In one day after finally understanding the teachings she learned 30 words. As she became more famous she began meeting famous people one of them was the writer Mark Twain.
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