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respiratory system peyton,hayley,rachel,ontarius

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Ashley Newberry

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of respiratory system peyton,hayley,rachel,ontarius

By Rachel , Ontarius , Peyton , Haley Respiratory system Parts of Respiratory system The Nose And The Mouth The nose is one way outside air enters the Respiratory system. The mouth is another way outside air enters the Respiratory system. The Throat and the voice box The Throat collects in coming air from the nose and the mouth and passes downward to the Trachea. The Voice Box contains the vocal cords it is the place where moving the air being breathed creates voice sounds. The Trachea And The Alveoli The Trachea is the passage leading from the throat to the lungs it divides into the two main bronchial tubes
the right and the left bronchial which leads into each lung.The alveolus are small sacs at the end of the Bronchiole. they are the destination of the air we breath in . The Ribs And The Diaphragm The Ribs are bones that support and protect the chest Cavity. They move to a limit degree helping the lungs to expand and contract.The Diaphragm is a strong wall of muscle. By moving downward it allows air to enter the lungs and by moving upward it pushes air out of the lungs. The main job of the Respiratory system is to move fresh air into the body and get wastes out of the body.The nose, mouth, throat, the voice box, trachea, alveolus, lungs, ribs are the parts of the Respiratory system.
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