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Lesson 8 vocab.

No description

Library Media

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of Lesson 8 vocab.

Lesson 8 vocab. By: Lillie Charging- If an animal is charging, it is rushing or moving quickly towards something or someone. Charging synonyms- rush, bolt Ferocious Ferocious- A ferocious animal looks angry or dangerous. synonyms- fierce, unrestrained Dominant Dominant- If something or someone is the strongest , it is dominant. This bull is charging
because he saw
movement from the
red. This hippo
is ferocious
someone took
her baby. This teacher is the most
dominant in the class
because she is in charge. Conflict Conflict- If two animals are fighting, they are in a conflict These gorillas are in a
conflict because they want
both want lettuce. Communicate Communicate- When two people or animals communicate, they share information. These horses are
communicating with
each other. Flick Flick- When you flick something you move it or snap it quickly. This person is flicking this
man on a computer. Alert Alert- It you alert people to something ,you get their attention and let them know to be careful. This police siren is alerting that there is an important mission that he or she has to do. Signal Signal- A signal is a sound or an action that sends a message This little girl is
sending a signal
by crying the signal
means she's sad. Chatter Chatter- When animals chatter, they repeat their sounds quickly. This parrot loves to
chatter, and it gets
annoying. Groom Groom- When an animal grooms itself , it makes itself neat and clean. This mommy monkey
is grooming her baby. synonyms- power, superior synonyms- fight, contest synonyms- impart synonyms- watchful, vigilant synonyms- sign, symbol synonyms- babble, jabber synonyms- clean
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