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How to Make a Prezi

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on 6 November 2014

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Transcript of How to Make a Prezi

What is Prezi?
First, you need to create an account
You can double-click anywhere on the canvas to add a text box
When you create a prezi, the canvas is your workspace.
Choose your Prezi license, but...
Last, open your Gippsland
Grammar email account.
Click on the link
Now you
are ready to
start your
Prezi, but first
a few
Prezi is cool
This is your canvas
Zoom in to develop your ideas
Use the mouse wheel
to zoom in and out
How to make a
Now that you know a little about Prezi,
I want you to open up Prezi's web address:

Next, Click on
'500 MB'
You will be asked to type in an email address.
Type in your school email address. Type it in now.
Next, click on 'Close'
There should be an email from
Prezi in your 'in box'. Click on
the link.
Time to
You can't show your
friends what you've been
doing without an account
an account
Meeting new people?
Learning new words?
Now fill in the rest of your details
Have you been
spending time with
We need to sign up for Prezi
What is Prezi?
First you need to create an
Bottom left
of the computer
More options will appear
What pictures will you
use for your Prezi?
spending time with
Your Prezi can be on any topic you like,
This will appear (title, subtitle etc...)
Choose 'title' or 'Subtitle'
or 'body' depending on
your text.
Use the 'A' to
increase or
decrease size
Use the 'square'
to change colour
To insert an image or video
Click on 'Insert' at the
top of the screen.
You can also add frames and arrows

make sure it's the green
$59 one
You won't pay anything as long as you tick the 'students and teachers' option.
You can also change
the theme
and crop the image by
double clicking on it.
Please use lots of English words

If you would like more help with Prezi,
you might like to go to Prezi's own
'Welcome to Prezi' video or their video
Just click on
the down
arrow next
to the three
lines (top
right of
You can
insert all
the options
in the
drop down
You can change the theme by clicking on the 'customise' tab at the top of the screen
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