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Alexandria Rinehart

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Earth and Space science spheres project
local or worldwide?
This event on August 3rd did not affect the world it just affect local regions.
The effects the spheres have on eachother:
The hydrosphere & atmosphere: the water vapor could go to the clouds causing super heavy rain fall that can sometimes happen during tornadoes.
The hydrosphere & Biosphere: the hydrosphere could provide shelter since tornadoes can not be water bound and if a fire start biosphere can seek shelter by wet lands/water.
Tornado in Colorado touches down on a sunday morning at 5:55pm. There was 1.75 in. hail falling extreme wind and rain fall. which cause extreme flooding. there is nothing man-made about this natural disaster, it is all natural.
keying you in:
The effects on our spheres..
Hydrosphere: the tornado threw tons of debri into local ponds, lakes and rivers. which, took months to clean out and remove harmful objects.
Atmosphere: the tornado did not affect the atmosphere because it was created by the cool and hot levels being mixed together which cause the tornado to be created in the first place
temporary or steady?
The Tornado that ripped through towns of Colorado was a temporary change in the spheres because it did not last very long but the outcome and damage was way more extreme for such little time that tornado's last.
The effects continued.
Geosphere: the tornado lifts up trees and throws rocks and dirt. Plus, a tornado does usually get color from its debri so the dirt, dust, rocks and debri all get wrapped up in it and thrown around.
Biosphere: tornadoes affect the biospere in manys ways becase it takes our shelter away, uins our crops and kill animals and wild life as well.
Geosphere & hydrosphere: `particals from the geosphere could have been thrown into local waters or hit water towers damaging water supplies and resources.
Geosphere & Biosphere: particals picked up from the geosphere could also be throw and hit/damage/ kill wildlife of homes.
Geosphere & atmosphere: the tornado can throw dust up in the atmosphere that it can possibly make it hard for animals to breathe or humans to see.
Biosphere & atmosphere: the particals from house can be thrown into litle fragments into the atmosphere or gases and chemicals can be released do to damage and ruin the ozone layer. ( polution)
a tornado would affect me in a bad way because even if it didn't hit my house, it still affects my town and my friends who live in it. tornadoes cause alot of damage as well, so i know if Oswego were to be hit by one it would not be a pretty sight because we keep rowing more and more everyday.
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