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No description

jonty cann

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of po

Supplementary Vote SV is a slight change of AV
One vote per person
Like AV because preferences
If no majority top two go to second ballet count
Highest total wins Candidate Party First preference (%) Second preferences (%) Total (%) Boris J Ken livingstone Brian paddick sian berry Richard Barnbrook Other Conservative Labour Lib Dems Green BNP 43.2 37 9.8 3.2 2.9 3.8 12.9 15.1 32 16.6 6.4 17 53.2 46.8 Advantage of SV The winning candidate must achieve broad support
The second preferences of voters who supported minor parties are not counted Disadvantages of SV The winning candidate does not need to get a majority of first choices
If used for general election, it would not deliver a proportional outcome Pros and Cons of SV Is it the best a good system
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