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Coming of Age in Persepolis

No description

Davion Pope

on 12 April 2015

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Transcript of Coming of Age in Persepolis

by Davion Pope

Coming of Age in Persepolis
Marji is the main character and author. The book is about her life from 6-14. She portrays her perspective of the Islamic Revolution throughout the book.

Anoosh is Marji's uncle. He was imprisoned by the Shah for his communist views and was released after the revolution.
Mr. Satrapi is Marji's father. He was a political protester for the revolution and took part in the demonstrations. He was engineer and maintained a middle-class lifestyle.

Mrs. Satrapi is Marji's mother. She is for the revolution and wants Marji to rely on her education to further herself and her country. Marji and her mom maintained a close relationship

Marji's grandmother lives with the family for awhile. Her grandmother provides Marji with a matriarchal figure
The book takes place in Tehran, Iran during the Islamic Revolution in 1979. Also during this time, Iran was at war with Iraq. As Marji's gets older, she is faced with more and more realities about what's going on which causes her to grow up.
Class Conflict was a conflict in the book. Lower class people were servants to the middle class. Upper class people were the wealthiest. As a child, this conflict was one of the reasons why Marji wanted to be a prophet. Her childhood innonce comes into play here.

Gender Conflict is another conflict. Women were forced to wear veils whenever they go out. Women were forced to wear clothes that did not display any major body parts. This was one of the reasons where
Marji had to grow up a little.
A tone in the book was serious. There were some parts of the book wanted the show the seriousness about whats going on. Such as the protest.
Another tone would be sad. Some parts of the book wanted to display sadness. Such as the killings and people becoming martyrs.
There were
Key Scenes
The chapter “The Cigarette” was a big and shocking scene in the book. The cigarette is like a key to adulthood in a way, even though it almost killed her, she didn’t care. She was starting to rebel and do what she wanted. She wasn't going to play follow the leader with everyone else, she was the leader. (Pg. 117)
Key Scenes
The Dowry is the chapter where Marji’s parents is sending her off to Austria to attend her French school and get away from all the chaos in Iran. It was a bittersweet moment because it was good that Marji’s parents trusted her to be off on her own, yet I know she didn’t really want to leave because of fear. As well as her parents, but they knew that they were doing the right thing. (Pg. 143-153)
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