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ELA Proposal

No description

Hayleigh Vermeer

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of ELA Proposal

ELA Proposal
Works Cited
Rosa, Erin. "12 Scientific Ways Reading Can Actually
Improve Your Life." . N.p., 7 June 2013. Web. 14 May 2014. <>.

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Day?." . N.p., n.d. Web. 14 May 2014. <>.

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A lot of students are not getting enough reading time at school...
Sounds Unreal...
An awesome fact about reading is that reading can lower the chance of anyone getting Alzheimer's. "People who read regularly are two and a half times less likely to have Alzheimer’s" (Rosa).
READ!! Reading even improves this too! When you read you are transformed into a different world that lets you forget about all the stress. "Reading can reduce stress levels by 68%" (Yale)
Taylor Herner and Hayleigh Vermeer

May 12, 2014
Improve Your Brain and Read!

Even if students don't read books much, people use the news for information, you read road signs so you don't get lost, and read text books in class for knowledge. Not knowing how to read well can impact your other skills. But if we had more school time to just read...

Schools should add 30 minutes to the school day just to read!
Most people already know, but reading can improve intelligence by a lot. "It not only helps you retain information, but also helps you maintain that knowledge through old age." (Rosa)
Under a lot of Stress?
Learn New Things
This is an obvious fact. When you read something, you learn new things on that subject. It's natural.
What if people don't Read??
"Imaginations grow less
vivid, people stop discovering new worlds and new meanings of words, and the power of concentration weakens"(Yvan).
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