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Grading Policy

No description

Patricia Dannhauer

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Grading Policy

How will Student's be graded? I will be using a Standards Based Grading System to help determine the final grade at the end of the semester. The following categories will have its own set of rubrics:
in class assignments / class activities
homework assignment
quizzes and tests
class participation
writing and reading

Each Rubric has a point value based on different levels of proficiency. Statement of Purpose Grades should reflect the progression and growth while learning. Reading and Writing Integration Course Welcome to Ms. Tricia Dannhauer's Class! What is Standard Based Grading? Standard based grading focuses on measuring a student’s proficiency in a course’s objectives.
It does this by the following:

1.Demonstrates understanding in learning targets instead of the accumulation of points
2.Student’s achievement in assessments are directly based on learning targets
3.Provides immediate feedback to students and parents and there is no comparison to other student's progress. Class Assignments & Activities Rubric Class Participation Rubric Carpe Diem! Grading Policy The purpose of this presentation is to inform you about the expectations I will have of the students in my reading and writing integration course and to introduce the method in which each student will be graded. Reading Rubric Writing Rubric Homework Rubric Reading Comprehension Assessment Rubric Grade Breakdown
There will be weekly assignments, daily homework, quizzes every Thursday, and Comprehension tests every six weeks. Final Grades Scale Exemplary: 94 - 124 points

Accomplished: 63 - 93 points

Developing: 32 - 62 points

Beginning: 1 - 31 points References McMillan, J. (2011). Classroom Assessment: Principles and Practice for Effective Standards-Based Instruction. Boston, MA. Pearson.

Rubrics for writing - Elementary/Intermediate. Retrieved from: http://www.teachervision.fen.com/tv/printables/0130884065_307.pdf

4th Grade reading rubric. Retrieved from:http://www.ballard.k12.ia.us/schools/east/rubrics/4th_grade_reading.pdf
Class participation Rubric retrieved from:

Reading Comprehension Assessment Rubric. Retrieved from:http://www.rcampus.com/rubricshowc.cfm?code=N5C3W6&sp=yes&

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