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Dog House Project

No description

Jacqueline Beck

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of Dog House Project

Create a dog house that would suite my needs and the dogs.

*Initiated Project Scope-Build a Dog House that will last 10 years or more.

*Meet all required project needs.

Developed strategies and began project management plan.

Performed Research and reviewed past similar projects.
*You Tube
*Online Research

Dog House Project
Dog House Planning
I established the standards and procedures of dog house.
I documented my risk management plan
*Unexpected Weather
*Lack of Resources
*Any unforeseen delays
Specified planned deliverables
Executing Project Phase
Ground Breaking Began!

Initial phase of project was executed and begun.

During each phase I performed walk-throughs and audited my progress.
*Checked Stability
*Frame work
I reviewed and ensured all elements of Dog House were being completed as scheduled.

Monitoring and Controlling
Reviewed and managed project scope, adjusted scope if needed.

Controlled any changes that needed to be made after careful evaluation.
*Making entry way bigger
*Changing location of build
*Outsourcing labor unexpectedly

Tracked Status of project by following Project Management Plan.

Close Out Phase
Brought dogs out for final review.
*Assessed satisfaction
*Checked that all project goals and objectives completed.
*Stored final documents in a file cabinet, in home office.
Had a close out party, invited friends for dinner and wine.

Project Management Project is: Building a Dog House for Fido and Lucky.

Project Manager: Jacqueline Beck

Project Sponsor: Jacqueline Beck

Company: Jacqueline Beck Industries

All documents will be stored in the Project Management Home Office
Project Charter Continued

The purpose of building the Dog House is to provide a suitable, long lasting home for Fido and Lucky.

The Problems addressed:
*Increase space in the home
*Find a place for the dogs to stay
*Provide safe shelter during harsh weather.

The opportunities developed:
*Learn from Project
*Challenge myself
*Apply my knowledge
Project Manager will complete the basic needs and added features

Project Charter
Jacqueline Beck Industries authorizes the beginning of the Dog House.

Project Plan will show WBS, progress and official end results.

Project Manager responsible for setting up the project and meeting deliverables.

Initial Phase
Work Break Down Structures
Dog House Project
Foundation & Frame Work
Walls and Insulation
Walls on Dog House are put up

Insulation is installed
Roofing and Siding
Roofing Frame is completed

Roofing insulation and shingles are installed

siding has been initiated
Siding, Lighting, Heating & Cooling Elements
Siding has been completed

Heating and Cooling Units should be installed and running properly.

Wiring and Light Sensors Installed
Final Assembly
Dog Accessories installed

Final Review and Test of Dog House completed.

Deliver to Customer
Digging 4X4 location site

Pouring Concrete to establish foundation

Build frame work for walls and rooms
Post Mortem
I choose the five phases of project planning
*Follow a Strategic Plan
*Organize Research and comparison data
*Developed Risk Management
I choose not to develop a detail financial plan
*No-Budget Limit
*Only concern was quality of products
*Did compare prices
I choose to have a Project Charter
*Project Summary & Overall Plan
Post Mortem
Included Work Break Down Structure
*Have a established Plan
*Keep Track of Project Deliverables
*Tracked Progress
I chose at first not to outsource any tasks
*Risk miss communication
*Unnecessary conflict and inputs.
I regretted decision
*Lighting Installation
*Heating & Cooling Elements
*Lack of input and ideas

The project was an success!
*Timely Manner
*Deliverable& Objectives completed
*Customer Satisfaction

Any Questions?
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