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Genre Report

No description

Hunter Nelson

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of Genre Report

Top 5 Genres For Elementary Readers Adventure Science Fiction Fantasy Mystery Realistic Fiction Top 3 Books for Science Fiction Hunger Games Maximum Ride Star Wars Diary of a Wimpy Kid Top 3 Books for Realistic Fiction Mike Lupica Books Jake Maddox Books Top 3 Books for Adventure Top 5 books for Fiction Top 3 Books for Mystery Hatchet Tom Sawyer The 39 Clues Software Used to Make this Presentation Prezi Presentations By Hunter Nelson Genre Report Harry Potter Artemis Fowl The Lightning Thief The Hardy Boys Series of Unfortunate Events Nancy Drew Junie B. Jones is about a girl in 1st grade for some of the books and 2nd grade for others. She is a BIG troublemaker as a result to a BIG imagination. Normally, that trouble is fixed at the end of the book though. "A funny, childish book for young children," Gage McClure, Highland 5th grader, said about the book. "A very good book for beginning readers Junie B. Jones By Barbera Parks Book summary for Realistic Fiction Book Summary for Science Fiction The Hunger Games is a series of books about the future and how America has been split up into 13 districts (the 13th one was destroyed in a bombing attack). The main character is a 16 year old girl named Katniss Everdeen and every year, the capitol holds something called the Hunger Games where a boy and a girl from each district go to fight all of the other people from the other districts and 1 person wins. Katniss is selected to fight in the Hunger Games along with a boy named Peeta Mellark. Katniss and Peeta end up winning the Hunger Games. "A great action packed book," says Carter Bean, Highland 5th grader. "A must read". The Hunger Games By Suzanne Collins The 39 Clues by various authors Book Summary for Adventure The 39 Clues is a book series about Dan and Amy, a brother and sister who are going around the world, hunting for clues leading to amazing power all over the world. They got into the clue hunt because their grandmother died and they had the choice between going on the clue hunt or $1,000,000 and they chose the clue hunt. There are also some other people like Irina Spasky, the kids' aunt who tries to kill them sometimes. Also there are the Kabras, a family who are hunting for the clues as well and they are vicious. The mother killed Dan and Amy's parents! Normally in the books they find a clue in an exotic country like Russia or Africa. "A pretty good book," said 5th grader Alex Filbeck. "I would definately recommend it". The Hardy Boys by Franklin Dixon Book summary for Mystery The Hardy Boys books are books about two teenage brothers they live in a town called Bayport with their mother, father, and aunt. They solve mysteries with each other. The youngest brother is 17 (15 in older versions) and the oldest is 18. The series is one of the longest running series ever with over 50 books! "They are really awesome books and it was especially cool how they solved the mystery<" said 5th grader Alex Filbeck. Hatchet by Gary Paulsen Book Summary for Adventure Hatchet is about a young boy named Bryan who visits his dad and his mom sends him with nothing but a hatchet. He is on the plane with only himself and the pilot has a heart attack and dies and the plane crashes on a deserted island with nothing but his hatchet and he tries to survive through the summer. He deals with many animals and he becomes a good craftsman but later on in the book, a sudden tornadoe hits and Bryan makes a raft out of some broken off pieces and he succesfully makes it to his father's oil field.
"A very adventurous book." says 5th grader Alex Filbeck.
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