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North Korea- by Maddie

No description

Maddie Rawstron

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of North Korea- by Maddie

Korean War
In June 1950, North Korea invaded South Korea to start the Korean War.
In July 1953, there was a cease-fire, but no official peace treaty.
The North Korean government is strictly Communist and anti-West.
This limits their economic development severely.
North Korea's current dictator is Kim Jong-un.
Economic reform
State-owned businesses are now given more freedom to sell manufactured goods.
Other reforms include:
legalization of farmer's markets
workers paid according to productivity
rise of wages and earnings
increase in foreign investments
Currency devaluation
In 2009, citizens were forced to exchange their existing won notes at an exchange rate of 100 to 1.
There was a previous capital of 100,000 won per family, this is now worthless
Nuclear ability
In 1998, North Korea test fired a ballistic missile across Japan.
They are suspected of selling cheap missiles and other weapons to developing nations in the Middle East.
In 2003, North Korea obtained weapon grade plutonium and intend to build nuclear weapons
North Korea- by Maddie and Lydia
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