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Final presentation

No description

Lauren Carroll

on 4 August 2014

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Transcript of Final presentation

The vision
Can become reality
Why the traditional classroom
isn't working
The Flipped Classroom
by Lauren Carroll

Teacher focused
The traditional classroom is not structured for student learning
The progressive classroom is structured for student success
What is a "flipped" classroom?
Every day benefits
Personalized instruction
More lecture, less mastery
Student sent home to practice
Feedback = sporadic assessments
all facing
"on task"
teacher is the focus
Look familiar?
Student centered
Activities geared towards mastery
Practice happens in classroom
Immediate feedback with teacher support
Learning happens at home
Students are
grouped in
learning teams
Teacher is free
to have
one to one
Higher student engagement
Problem solving skills for the real world in a collaborative environment
Silence is discouraged. Discussion is encouraged.
Aaron Sams, one of the originators of the flipped classroom, explains...
As Ken Robinson says:
Level playing field for all students
Absenteeism no longer an issue
Students learn at own pace
24/7 access means no "make up" lag time
Rewind/rewatch at any time
Parental involvement
Access to lessons and grades
Assessments are continual vs. cumulative
feedback, adjustment and encouragement of mastery
"The challenge now is to transform education systems into something better suited to the real needs of the 21st century. At the heart of this transformation there has to be a radically different view of human intelligence and of creativity."
The flipped classroom is a tool to facilitate this process.
blended learning environment
is the equalizer needed to
progress education
the new millennium
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